Older Vacuum Pumper

Years ago I met an older vacuum pumper who had 8″ around. Though I couldn’t take it all the way down into my neck, he did come back three more times (drove 40 mins each way)… he told me that the texture in my mouth and the way I handled his meat was just a knockout. I’ve always known I was good, but when someone says something like that I just blow it off… but when someone shows me by traveling such distances when all they have to do is walk to the front door and see the lineup of cocksuckers out there; that they’d rather come to me all the way out where I’s at — that’s a compliment.

My suggestions? Well, stretch your lips around your husband’s knob and just get used to it… don’t try to impress him or do anything fancy. AND DON’T HURT YOURSELF! You wont do either of you any good by forcing yourself into pain or the like. Use your hand to slip up and down his shaft in light strokes… wet with spit. Moan from deep in your chest to reverberate through his mammoth cock and into his balls. (oh gawd, dont forget his balls, use your other hand to cup and grip and tug). 

words bi joesbridge@yahoo.ca, images bi Sodas

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