old wanker


I really am old. 87 in fact. I live by myself and have met another old chap who lives in a flat upstairs. He came round for tea today and we were laughing about not being able to get much of a hard on. I said about your website and he wanted to have a look at it. I logged on and we were looking at the fat old cocks when I looked down and he was stroking what seemed to be a fair bulge in his pants. That was it and we soon had both our cocks in our hands while we looked at your great galleries. I’m typing this with one hand and we are both wanking each other. I’m going to shoot my load in a moment and I don’t think he’s far off. I have an idea we will be doing a lot more of this so you see it’s never too late. old wankers(Knockers)

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  1. I’m a young woman… and I love thick cocks. People who say that size doesn’t matter clearly has never had a thick, fat cock in their mouth and cunt… I don’t care about the length. It needs to fill my pussy until, when I cum, I spasm just right around the big monster. Fat cocks on older men… Oh God, even better! I need one right now!

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