when my wife was away

I’m lucky enough to have a nextdoor neighbor who is an old single gent who has never married. I am married, but when my wife is away, he and I get together. I thought this guy had no interest in male massage. So, I asked him one day (when my wife was away (of course!) “Ever have a massage?”. He answered that he had never had a massage. “Aren’t you ever horny?” I asked. He just looked shy, and didn’t want to answer me. I told him that I would like to massage him, and I would think it neat if we got together sometime. Amazingly enough, he excepted. The rest is a continuing history. This guy may be fat and old, but he has a 9 inch cock that I love to suck. Mine is a bit shorter, but he seems to be pleased with that. It’s unbelievable to me that this guy had to be taught how to suck cock! I love to be with him and cannot wait until the next opportunity arises to give him a massage ! Joe Blow

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