the vacuum pump

The perfect cum if you are alone with only the vacuum pump. Start with a flacid penis using the “hand” wand slowly slide the hose off and on your shaft. When it becomes hard stop stroking. Tilt the hose until you start feeling a vibration caused by air escape. Work it as long as you like to drive yourself crazy. The orgasm you have will be long and mind blowing.


Use extreme caution some vacuum cock really suck and you could damage your penis…also I recommend to pull out just before orgasm. also it will give you an idea how big your load was…sometimes you will get a bit of unwanted swelling this will go away in a few hours…


if you would like to shoot a big creamy load remember to take niacin vitamin b3 tablets as recomended…if your partner lovers a big load. Yombie will also really increase your output…Have fun be safe!!!! Austin



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