2 thoughts on “rubber and bugger initiation taste my thick creamy CUM !

  1. I want to suck the seminal fluid from his balls to the pump and through that beautiful hose and feel it hit the back of my throat and fill my mouth to overflowing with the taste of his thick creamy CUM !!!!!!!!!!!!! and then wash my mouth out with his warm piss.
    A 56 yr old straight male who loves big cocks and always wants to tease the helmet with the tip of his tongue, lick the shaft and feel those pumped up veins then lick around the ball bag and suck on those beautiful spunk filled testicles.
    ” I’M GONNA CUM !!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAH ”

    1. I love your sensual prose and wish for your wet tongue all over my male parts. This man is the spitting image of my own father and I wonder why I am attracted….hmmmmm

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