multi orgasmic ejaculatory man

When I was very young, I was often multi-orgasmic but only while masturbating, never with another person.I was stimulate myself till the point of ejaculating, then stop…a drop of cum would come out. then I would stimulate myself, and another drop. I could do this for an hour or more and have all these mini-orgasms. Then, I would wait about an hour and then really stimulate myself and then have a very full, incredibly powerful almost overwhelming orgasm. Other times, I would draw my foreskin over the end of my cock and gently stimulate my cock through the foreskin…I could do that for hours it seemed. Then, I would peel the foreskin, really give it a stimulation and then, as the cum was coming out, cover the end of my cock with my foreskin real tight and enjoy the warm, wet feeling on the end of my cock. Never could that any of that with another person…and when I hit about 40, all the multi-orgasmic possibilities stopped entirely. SONY_P


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