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I recently held one of my mindful masturbation classes in London. We used the 3 Circles ritual  to guide us as a tool for our sexological learning. Facilitating this type of erotic event scares me, i mean, really fucking scares. But, I am inspired by the Balcan Godess, Marina-Abramovi who says you have to do events that scare you. We began sitting in a circle, we discussed what advice we would give to ourselves as older men talking to our younger self. We all had to write three words to represent that advice we would give ourselves about masturbation.

The words displayed were as follows

Breathe, Feel, Come with Pleasure, Relax, Magick,
Dance, Enjoy x3, No Guilt x4, Love it, Passion,
Relish, Often, Slowly x3, Connection, Float away

dance and romance

I would like to thank the very brave men who attended this event. An amazing evening of self love, massage dance, touch and respect. For myself it was the first time I have ever danced in public. Witnessing the anoniting of our alter with reams of spunk at the end of the ritual really struck a chord. What a celebration of masculinity. What I have learned from this evening is invaluable. The tantric(k)nowledge I have gained will be gently woven into all of my future classes. I do hope you CUMM, i think you would be amazing.

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