Is the 28 MAY Uk National Masturbation Day

Some of our “leading sex” experts here in the UK have been peddling their propaganda, and telling us all that 28 MAY is National Masturbation Day. These are the same “leading sex” experts that will be telling you on the 29 May that you are now addicted to porn, and masturbation. So, I wanted to give them a bit of tantrick wisdom. National Masturbation Day is something that happens in fuckn America. Maybe Americans need to be educated about the joys of masturbation, British People, ABSOLUTELY DO NOT. 

One thought on “Is the 28 MAY Uk National Masturbation Day

  1. In the States, the idea (not official, by the way) came from the firing of Joycelyn Elders. Keep in mind, she meant masturbation as an alternative to penetration.

    And in this country, if I said firing the first black person to do something had nothing to do with race, I’d be lying. Even her boss, Bill Clinton, belonged to an all-white country club.

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