Tantric Gay Massage London for Mature Men

Mature Gay Massage London from strong masculine hands and a big magickal tool to delight your body, mind, and spirit. A slow respectful gentle erotic touch from your head to your toes and every inch in between. Mr Cox – 07974805666. Click <here> to read my reviews


I am a very relaxed, friendly gentleman. I am a real man with a real imperfect body, so there is no need to feel self-conscious. Let me soothe, relax, and explore you. There is no diagnosing, healing, or curing. It is absolutely a simple connection of masculinity promoting optimal ejaculation and penis well-being. i erotically massage and awaken every inch of your manly body. Your gay massage London celebration continues with deep circular stimulation of your perineum. During your massage ritual, we use ‘holdback’ techniques to help cultivate sexual energy which in turn re-energises your mind. This massage ritual is a sexual approach to improving your health and general well-being. The ritual works on the whole body and is not limited to your genitals. My purpose is to gradually “reiki” you to your optimum ejaculation fusion point, to allow a really magickal happy ending, that creates a balance, Putting everything into perspective. Not just a massage but a total celebration. To make an appointment call mr Cox 07974 805666 or email sebcox@hotmail.co.uk

Pleasure, inducing relaxation to reduce the effects of stress. Secure, safe, clean and discreet. A sensual invitation to celebrate mature gay massage,  London’s most sensual tantric masseur. I have a preference for pre-booked gay tantric massage sessions. This does NOT mean, however, that I’ll turn you down if you call for a same day celebration, it’s always worth a try! Click <here> to read my reviews. Mr. Cox : 079 748 056 66

My Reviews

I experienced something that went beyond sex, after a while the massage, as it encompasses my whole body made me feel special all over which was great. I did not feel the need for orgasm as I had moved passed that need. It is something that I have dreamed about, that I am in the company of warm naked man and we are all one, but this was the first time I had ever experienced it. Mark


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An Extraordinary Gay Massage London 4 str8 Men.

Slow respectful gentle erotic touch from your head to your toes and every inch in between. Click <here> to read my reviews

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