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I am a married straight male, who has never been with a man, but lately all I can think about is cock and cum. My favorite fantasy: Its my birthday the wife and I are out of town and staying in a hotel suite. After a night of drinking (she likes to talk dirty and sexual when she drinks) We go back to the hotel, I am horny as hell, I start ripping her clothes off and lay her down on the floor, I go right for that bushy wet pussy that I have been rubbing through her jeans all night. I start eating and licking right away(Love the taste and smell of her pussy). After a few minutes of pleasure she stops me and says, its your b-day, I want you to cum first, I say no, but she insists, what ever you want she says. I tell her anything you want to do to me is good by me. She says eat my pussy while I think about it, after a few more licks of that wet pussy, she starts pounding on the wall real lightly, just then 8 naked men walk in from the other room, each one has a monster cock, all 8 of them are between 10-12 inches and thick as hell. I look at my wife she smiles and says get on your hands and knees and start eating my pussy. I did and the first guy started rubbing his cock up and down on my ass, never penetrated me just teasing, he then blew his load on my ass and on my hole. The next huge cock used that load of warm cum as a lube he fucked my virgin ass like there was no tomorrow. I screamed with pleasure as my ass stretched to the size of his cock. I was paralized with pleasure and let him shoot his cum deep in my ass, when he finished the next monster dick started to pound me, in and out, thrust after thrust, stretching my already happy and cum filled ass. As he continued fucking me, cock #4 was hanging in my face, without even asking he took the spot where my wife was laying (she was now watching a few feet away playing with herself and touchig my wet dick on occassion) I started to suck that big cock like i knew what I was doing taking every thick inch in my mouth. He soon blew his hot jizz in my mouth and I got my first taste of cum I loved the way it felt when he squirted it in my mouth and had to have more right then. Just as my lips touched the head of the next big hard cock, I felt an explosion in my ass. The fat cock fucking my asshole that whole time, let go a wad of cum in my ass that would have filled a drinking cup. my ass now full of cum and gaping, The 4 remaining guys all rock hard and dripping pre-cum turned me over and positioned me in a way so that two of those gigantic cocks could penetrate me at the same time. The first big wet dick slid in very easily even though I was clinching my hole so I wouldn’t drip any cum, as I wanted it all in me. he moved his cock in me very slowly as the other bulging penis started slowly stretcing my asshole. after minutes of stretching and pushing and more stretching my man pussy took both of these monster cocks and the feeling was pure ectasy. They started to fuck my streched cum filled asshole and I took the two other cocks in my mouth one after another continuosly sucking and licking.

dick here 4  one tiny fuckling


Two huge dicks fucking my ass and the other two taking turns fucking my face, the final four cocks fucked me with there enormous members for over an hour (shhhhhh, its my fantasy….lol) at this point the other 4 already serviced men, were hard again. They were now standing over me jerking off. Then it happened, the two cocks in my ass started pulsating and shooting stream after stream of warm cum into my ass. Seeing this, the two men in my mouth both exploded and there man juice hit the back of my throat, filled up my mouth and dripping out of the corners of my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, as the 4 guys jerking off started to blow there load, streams of cum started shooting out all over my face and neck, I caught as much as I could in my mouth. All 8 satisfed men got up and walked out of the room. My wife walked over in amazement, starring at me with this little grin on her face, looking at my gaping asshole still filled with cum, and cum dripping out of my mouth and all over my face. She stood over me for a minute, then sat straight on my face and began sucking my hard dick (69). Her pink swelled pussy was dripping wet and it mixed very nicely with all the cum in my mouth. After a very quick but intense blow job, I squirted a huge wad of cum in her mouth. She got up, deposited my huge load of cum to my mouth, gave me a long passionate kiss, and said HAPPY BIRTHDAY, baby. well thats my #1 fantasy and my pants are wet as can be just from typing it, Hoped you enjoyed it. Again this is kinda weird telling total strangers my deepest darkest fantasies, that I have never told to a sole before.. and in a way it really turns me on too, that someone is reading this and imagining me getting gang banged like this.  Tony

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  1. I am an old cunt but very fit a muscular – the mature muscle daddy type. A buddy of mine who is in his early 30’s, always insists that he’s straight, fucks girls and sometimes comes to stay to escape his druggie mates who he has done over in one of his shonky deals. I don’t know how many times he has come to stay and then I’ve kicked him out because he’s such a using cunt.
    However this time – he is asleep now in the other room – he wanted to come round and wash his clothes. I could tell there was something up by his behaviour. He usually acts all over confident and super straight. Anyway he text me earlier to say that if I let him wash his clothes we could have some fun. I text back with ‘You little slut…I’m just about to shower… you fucken queer little bitch!’
    He came round, went about washing his clothes but I could tell he wanted something more than just to wash his clothes… and it was clear he was reluctant to give up his tight little hole but I didn’t relent. He showered then came out and sat back meekly on the green velvet sofa. I peeled back the towel and saw his big throbbing cock – it was bobbing to the beat of his heart (he was scared and nervous). I held back from touching it, instead I got some baby oil and began massaing his tight little hole with my fingers. Then I popped a finger in his little man cunt and gently opened him up. All the while he is laying back his arms over his head moaning like a little bitch. I moved into gently massaging his by this time, tight balls. The conniving little slut moaned even more. I moved back to his hole and opened him up some more…I undressed slowly and of course my cock was rock hard. I eased my cock a third of the way inside – and still hadn’t touched his hard throbbing cock – then gently fucked the rim of his cunt. He was moaning like the bitch he is. Then I eased my cock fully inside him and began to fuck him slow and deep… he went to stroke his cock but I pushed his hand away; I touched his shaft gently with my fingers all the while keeping up a slow steady rythym in his hole with my cock… he was moaning loudly by this time and I had to slap him and told him the neighbours might hear him and think he was queer.. I ordered him on his knees, fucked him deep and hard while reaching round to stroke his cock…then I ordered him on his back again…this went on until I could tell he was ready to cum… but I pulled on his balls to stop him… he was ooozing pre-cum and wanted to squirt so bad yet I wouldn’t let him. I fucked him slow, then hard, then fucked him with long steady strkes pulling my cock right out then entering back inside him… When I was ready to cum, I pulled out of his by now, gaping hole, fisted our cocks together and stroked, stopping to add spit and prolong the pleasure. Then, finally, he couldn’t hold back any longer and came so hard he shot squirt after squirt over his shoulder. I slapped his face and told him to go shower.
    As it turned out, he wanted $1,000 to pay his druggie mates in a deal that had gone wrong. Of course I told him to fuck off and go ask someone else… but before I kick him out today I’m gonna fuck his tight little hole once again…

  2. Tony,
    That has me so hard right now that I want fucking your hot ass right now!
    I’m married and love pussy! Growing up my cousin John and I messed around with each and liked it!
    In college I had opportunities with fraternity brothers, that I picked out, and knew that I loved being with real men, not any gay, sissy shit!
    Well, hell, I’m here telling a stranger what I have never told anyone!
    If you want to talk, let me know!

  3. Im a woman but love seeing 2 men fucking themselves and playing.i cant be the only woman who enjoys watching men play. Come on ladies speak out

  4. OMG, I could just imagine evey secon of it, feel evey move you wrote, I think I need something like that! dam!!! i seriously cummed as i was reading it.

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