Damn, I’m surprised a fur fetish is so rare! I can’t even find much in Google porn pics, not really any fetish toys garments! I found a fur-lined jockstrap, I’m definitely about to order. I didn’t realize what I was doing, making a small swing on my bunk bed at the age of 10, strattling it and pulling the ends so it lifted me by my crotch. The first time I masturbated, I’d started shoving a fur blanket down my pants, eventually ended with no clothes on, tangled in my fur blanket. I’ve slept wrapped in a fur blanket since…maybe a year before that. Haha I’m 22, now, I’d really love nothing more than to be bound in fur and edged with fur. Even if they made a fur dildo, I’d love to feel devoured by fur.

Male Fur Fetish

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