Super O Anal Orgasm

my first male anal orgasm bi Osman

erotic anal massage

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2 thoughts on “Super O Anal Orgasm

  1. I want to take all of you inside me. You know I will do anything you desire.
    I will stand up and turn around. I will sandwich your cock between my cheeks.

  2. cockincunt

    Having read what Osman had to say about his first anal orgasm i decided to have a go myself. I took a chuch candle, lubed it up & went to shoving that thing up my ass.I got on all fours & being a spunk lover i wasn’t going to waste a single drop,so i placed a glass under my cock to catch every drop and got down to some serious ass fuckin.Just about melted that fuck off candle.Osman my man,how fuckin great does it feel when you shoot. Anyway i took that glass of cum & drank down every last drop. FanFUCKINtastic.

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