gently inserted my Prostate Massager

I was very relaxed, just having had a little smoke. I was lying on my bed naked and horny. My cock was annoying me. I had just changed the bed-sheets and did not want spunk all over them. But, as ever, I decided to give myself a little treat. I generously lubed up my hairy arse and gently inserted my Prostate Massager up it. I must have fallen asleep shortly after that. I awoke to this little device pounding on my prostate. I could not help myself I was screaming. I was imagining that I was being gang banged, in the middle of a workman’s caff,……….and that I really was a sexual facilitator. I was shouting out ‘ I haven’t even got a semi-erection, I am only here to be fucked’. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…….NEXT!

And then it happened. My spunk did not squirt out as it usually does. There was one big blast and I was fucking covered in it. It being, well I am not quite sure, it certainly smelled like spunk, but it wasn’t as thick as my spunk usually is. There must have been at least a half pint of it, yes all in one blast. Believe me I never cumm that much. If I am honest I was a bit over whelmed by this experience,  a bit shocked. I would not like to experience this every time I had sex. But as a very occasional experience I can only say ‘mind-boggling’.

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