long wet 4skin

Hi  Tony, my name is Jon and I read your comments on Seb’s website.You were talking about your best wank-off, about meeting a man in a restroom in Reading. He had a large uncut cock, with a long wet foreskin. The thought of me doing this makes me tremble with excitement and this is something I want to do badly, since reading about your little adventure. I live in Houston Texas U.S.A., I’m 45 and all my life i’ve been STR8, though when I see a cock in a magazine,in a video or when seeing a man sucking a cock, I always get a little excited. Now while surfing the net I stumbled onto SEB’S site, and I am coming out of the closet and admiting  that I want to love and suck on a nice big fat juicy cock. Over the years, I have met with gay men and only let them suck me off and then go home. I have also done alot of rubbing cock against cock and never thought of fucking a foreskin, which is now my #1 fantasy to accomplish. So, I now have a question for you, If my cock is 7 inches long, what size of a cock do I look for to do some foreskin slipping?…….Thnx….

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  1. Men have foreskin because the Great Mother gave them to us for pleasure and penis joy:a lovely part of a lovely package. Mine was sniped away long ago but I am doing foreskin restoration with a TLC tuger.{This not an ad.} If I knew how I would send pictures of my progress. For the cut and pissed off try googeling the subject. One video of a Dr. doing the nasty deed will convince you of its evil

  2. LUUUURVE to nibble and play with my man’s foreskin, teasing and tempting him until he begs me to suck it… then take him balls deep down my throat and keep it down, all the while looking into his eyes as he moans with pleasure. I love to bring him right to the edge, then stop and hold the base of his cock tightly in my hand – stopping him from cumming. Then repeat the whole process – several times – not allowing him to cum. I can keep this going for an hour or more… my boyfriend is, needless to say, very appreciative. And when he cums…. mmmmm…. NICE!!

  3. I have docked over the past few years a few times when possible.
    With 8″ and having a girth of over 6.5″, that is tough for me to get docked.
    It matters not on how big the cock is but more so if the foreskin is pliable and stretchy. Cock Docking is a fantastic sensation and a rarity as u know in N America with so many cut guys around and also, not many guys might what to do this and they need to have a somewhat stretchy hood as well.


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