Darkness is your candle

HI Seb, I have not heard of Rumi before but what he writes is very enlightening and further supports my beliefs that where men submit to men they are able to grow and develop in physical and spiritual strength (masculinity). I don’t mean submit as in the traditional S&M sense as for me submission of a master is equally as significant as submission from a slave. One is worthless without the other. You have really ignited the masculinity and spirituality flame in me. I have been to a tantric massage lesson in the past which was fun but for me that is only one aspect. I suppose what i mean is that as men trust each other more, what becomes more significant is that they open their mind as well as their body – so it has to happen over time.  For me, it is the mind and shining a light in the darkness of the mind that allows the physcial and spiritual to become one. Im not sure that makes sense – hopefully it does. Mark

Rock out with your cock out
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hi Mr Cox, you pick me as cock of the month before and thank you
I gave this to my oldest Son who will actually admit to using a male
Red tantra, is not so much about the destination as it is about the journey.

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