a lonely journey


“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”
― Aristotle

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I am a normal straight man I have a fetish for older men's hairy bellies. I don't want to suck cock or any thing ...
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After a big rugby game, all the players came off the field and hit the showers. These sweaty men strip to their jock straps ...
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hairy wanker of the month may 2015
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Gay “lifestyle”? There’s a difference between an orientation and a lifestyle. I wonder what a hetero lifestyle is? 360navi on 06/04/2015
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Chi Kung is an ancient Taoist art of body control Claiming to resist disease, retard aging, prolong virility, and for all I know give oneself ...
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One day i was at the Arts Centre in Chch, NZ, when i saw this hot guy eying me up. Excited, i walked to ...

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