b4 bedtime

Well I am over 67 and within 3 years I will be 70 every time I see a handsome man my cock stirs and I come home and masterbate so hard i can do it again b4 bedtime and first thing in the morning i get morning wood and get off again then afternoon and relax and do it again b4 5pm.

I just arouse on the least thing young man’s legs his ass and chest and looking at his cock if he hasn’t underwear on I even fantasize me erect walking on a beach with nothing but young men with erection and we all have a jerkoff section and get my semen all over his chest and stomach then I am ready 4 a another round but climax harder till my whole body is with my cock just so hot from that semen comes out hot but it feels a release that hasn’t bee. In a long time I enjoyed having sex with 20 year olds and some 40 s and some my own age I feel proud I can still have healthy sex with men and no shame about … Francesco from Philadelphia usa


8 thoughts on “b4 bedtime

    1. i hate to state the obv; but aren’t you aware that you’re on a fantasy porn site…

    2. Are you the real Bob or are you posing as the real Bob? Coz this Bob would never say such a stupid thing. This Bob is a wanker and loves to wank and enjoys the lovely pics on this site of other blokes wanking. I think you are an impersonator Bob and you are a real wanker.

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