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I am 85 years old. I miss my sexual activities. I can no longer masturbate. I no longer have erections. My libido is nonexistent and my Testosterone level very low. S.A.

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Seb Cox Relies : The great thing about getting older is that your penis never stops growing. Put on your favourite music and flap that lovely old penis to the beat of the music. Come on I really want you to let yourself go and enjoy this penis ritual. At this stage in your life you need to be slightly intellectual about sex. You need to write about sex. You need to teach about sex. Think of all the young men who are just starting on their journeys. Wouldn’t it make you feel deep pleasure to know that when those youngsters are fumbling through their first performance that they might have even the tinyest bit more confidence in themselves because of something you wrote about your sexual expoeriences when you were younger. If you can teach anyone to be even sligtly better at sex you inpower them to be happier in life. And my friend, I personally think that that’s even better than sex. Tell your doctor to prescribe you some viagra, and may you live for ever…

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