I hated my foreskin

foreskin huge droppy floppy

I’ve got no time for all that stuff about “natural“. You wouldn’t keep saying that if you had appendicitis would you? I hated my foreskin. I got all the sensation from my KNOB and ii hated that smell that I used to get under the 4skin too. Ugh! I envied all the guys who had circumcised dick. They looked so much sexier, aggressive thrusting cocks, and so much cleaner. Try keeping condoms on with a lot of foreskin. Yukk F-ing nuisance. GIve me a big hot swollen glans like the guy that posted. The top sex sight for me. Bigger the knob the better. Tighter the cut the better. I even like to check out the scars and marks on the shaft. The skin doesn’t give me great orgasms. But the cockhead sure DOES. platt_85


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2 thoughts on “I hated my foreskin

  1. Then get your penis cut. You asshole! At least you were given the choice like millions of men that weren’t.

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