I danced at your door By the Poet Warrior

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If the door shuts, do not go away.
Be patient, even if every possibility seems closed.
The friend has secret ways known to no one else knows.
– Rumi –

I danced at your door,
not knowing if I
wanted or deserved

I sang at your window,
not knowing if I
Wanted or deserved

I called out your name
Not knowing if I
Wanted or deserved

I’ve turned towards you,
Not knowing if I’ve
Warranted or deserved

I’ve shed real tears,
Not knowing if I’ve
Warranted or deserved

I’ve stood very still,
Not knowing if I’ve
Warranted or deserved

I’ve waited so long,
Not knowing if I’ve
Warranted or deserved

I’ve been confused
Not knowing if I’ve
Warranted or deserved

(By the Poet Warrior, extra ordinary words from an ordinary man. reproduced with permission. To read more of his poems, click here)

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