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I’m 34 and have never been with a woman. Sometimes I just want to experience the pleasure of soft, wet pussy. I fantasize about eating out a beautiful women and then fucking her. I’ve always considered myself gay. It’s great to see other guys like me out there. Karl

I used to fuck quite a few women when I was younger and had a long relationships with an older woman who loved to suck my pole and have it slipped in. I fantasise about being allowed to sit and watch a couple fucking with my legs stretched out as I toss off watching the big cock piercing the vagina, sliding in and out, sometimes totally to show the sticky red headed knob. If they wanted I would be happy to finger them both or even use my tongue on their holes. The position I dream about is lying between the legs seeing the muscle on the underneath of the cock slipping in and out and the cuntlips giving way to the thick shaft. Ian

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I am a gay identified bisexual man in a loving sexual relationship with my best friend. A statuesque (6ft) beautiful sexy woman of 40. I enjoy giveing her the greatest sexual pleasures of her life and feel that my experiences with men have in fact helped me become a more effect/sensitive lover of women. Christopher

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i am 29, and for the last 10 yrs always thought i was gay, but more recently have found myself interested in pussy..i put an ad on a swinging website, and was contacted by a guy who arranged 3sums with a girl he knew.i was very nervous at first, but after about 10 mins was totally relaxed, and enjoyed the fuck. Scott

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i am in the west of ireland but i get your vibe and i like it i too am closet hetero…i worship the vagina and i love other men but my favourite thing is to be naked and not get hard just be intimate and keep the penis soft its amazing how energizing and powerful it can be anway i send you warm love from the wild west of ireland. Johnny

have for some time been a great follower and admirer of your website and it continuously gives me much food for thought. I am a 66 year old gay man with a love of cock and over many years have also enjoyed the close and intimate relationship with many a masseur. A recent introduction to a married man wetted my appetite for pussy and I phantasize about this more and more.I am more than a little nervous about this and seek the help from yourself. Maybe an initial ‘session’ with a guy like you present would ease me in? Any suggestions or introductions would be very welcome. All my best and more to you Seb. Marcus


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