Would you buy your son a sex toy?

I gave this to my oldest Son who will actually admit to using a male sex toy and I know would actually try it out. We raised him to be pretty open with anything so he was a good one to test this one on. The main outer sleeve is made of a stretchy but nice heavy duty fabric material and it’s sewn together very well. Inside of the fabric sleeve is a fitted thicker pad that is covers with a white material. I believe all of this is washable in the washer and dryer or at least lay out to dry. The fabric had a nice long strip of Velcro across from one end to another so when you roll it up to size it it will stay where you want it to and it will fit just right. Mine came with a 5 pack of insert able sleeves that you can use and just toss for the no mess clean up.

 Yes, you will have to re purchase more sleeves to continue to use this toy but if you like it enough it’s something you are more willing to do. The sleeves are pretty much a huge rubber condom that you lay across the inside part of the fabric roll while it is laid out flat. Make sure you place the sleeve on the correct side so when you start to roll the fabric part up the sleeve is being rolled up on the inside part first. Then Once you roll it to the size you think you will need just make sure the Velcro grabs holds. Then take the top part of the rubber sleeve and roll it over the top of the fabric rolled up end. You will notice the perfect sized center. Make sure you use a lubricant, My set came with the fifi water based lubricant which was reported to work great.
Now my Son’s opinion is that is was easy for him to set up and nice because it was easily re-adjustable even after you had it on to better fit. He also said that it was a mess free toy and much easier to quickly take carer of afterwards. So he definitely gives this set a thumbs up! I received my fifi – Sex Toy for Men (Rugged Gray) for a discounted/free in return for my honest and unbiased evaluation and review. ByJennifer Steeleon July 23, 2016

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