Fairlight Cove the most beautiful place in this world.

Ignore the signs saying there is no access to beach – they’re just put there by the council to cover themselves. People frequently re-do the steps to ensure that access to the beach remains open. Once you are there you won’t want to leave or frequent any other nude beach,as Fairlight is such an attractive place with lots of room whether you want to be around other people or more private. Hope to see you there! Andrew writing on Naturist Directory

Visited this beach for the first time last weekend and enjoyed every minute of my trip. Having been to Brighton beach a couple of times this year and not liking it much I needed a change. After parking at the country park car park (£2 all day parking) and having read about the route to the beach was expecting to struggle to find it. Navigating by just heading down and then following the stream when I reached it, I found the beach with no problems. After about 15mins I reached a sign informing of cliff erosion and enter at your own risk. It’s great this sign is here as it puts off anyone who is not heading for the beach. Having read that the path had washed away on a few sites, was happy to find that the path and steps down were in excellent shape (Sep16).Any cliff erosion must of happened years ago. At the bottom of the steps there was a sign saying clothing optional beach and after passing through some trees I got my first sight of the beach.

After my previous trips to Brighton this beach seemed like heaven, there were about 20 people spread out along the beach mostly nude. A mixture of single men, couples and families. The area around the entrance had a small area of sand near the sea and people were out swimming. Not being a fan of sitting in one place this beach is great for exploring, I managed to walk in both directions for at least 15mins and still didn’t leave the beach. The right hand side of the beach has a rocky shore line but all along the top is shingle. The left hand side of the beach has a few more coves and sandy patches and after leaving the main area we’re mostly deserted. Also on the left hand side and after an easy climb is a wooded area. This area is populated by single men, and not a good part of the beach for families. Witch is a shame as after moving up through the rabbit warren of pathways there are some stunning views of the beach. Overall this beach has a great relaxed atmosphere and would recommend it to anyone, it’s remote location has made sure that the only people on the beach are genuine naturists and others enjoying the beach. Despite no bins, I didn’t see a single bit of litter. My only regret is I didn’t find this beach earlier. Frankie writing on Cat’s Chat

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