experience male anal orgasm

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I had never really thought about anal orgasms before, but my the first time my new boyfriend and I had sex, I had one. It was the most incredible thing ever. The first time took me so much by surprise. I just remember thinking, ‘this feels really good’ and then BANG! it happened. My boyfriend was really surprised too. I must be really lucky because since then I’ve had one every time we’ve had sex. The best position (for me) is with him lying on his back and me sitting facing him, knees on the bed/floor and leaning slightly forward. Before i cum, i normally experience three stages: First, I feel really uncomfortable (not pain and not in a bad way at all) and I start to sweat a bit. Then, it just feels really relaxing and rhythmic. And then it fells really good and I explode! Hope this helps someone else to experience it!


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One thought on “experience male anal orgasm

  1. Hi..

    I read so much about super O, anal orgasm etc.. and I tried with aneros and other prostate massager nothing happened to me at all.

    The other day I read in your website that a guy has same experience with me and doc told him that he got small prostate. Do you think this might happened to me too??

    I just what to know how to reach / get this anal orgasm.


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