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  1. Before I knew it I felt his warm body grasp behind mine. I was expecting him to find me in the outhouse (I was pretending to piss but then started to jerk off in front of the toilet) when I heard him speak behind me.

    “I noticed you looking at me back there in the house. You like what you see?”
    I turned my head zipping up and slightly nervous. I was always in awe of the male form but had only slept with women before. Trying to speak I only nodded.

    “Do you want me to touch you?”

    I wanted more than that.

    Under his thick beige top I could feel his body heat as it pressed against me. So well-sculpted, beauty realized so intimately. I tilted my head upwards as he straddled me, his hands finding my stomach, my hardening nipples, then down to my small bulge. I could feel his hairy hands as they grasped around my testicles, his thumb above lightly searching for my penis. I reached behind him in the cramped space and felt his buttocks covered in denim. How I wanted to touch his bare rear, so badly I wanted to feel his back side. Touch a man for the first time!

    I was 26 and this man seemed twice my age, so hot with fuzz hair on the top of his balding head, dark hair that covered his chin and his masculine features like he was a buff bodybuilder.

    I looked his direction in that place and every time he looked I was giving a glare, as if I was trying to hypnotize him (at the same time going, “What are you doing???!” to myself. I was no professional that could reel in the men, but here was this male grasping at my junk but I only started to get stimulated when I reached up behind him to try to get under his pants with my hands.

    “Oooh, go ahead. You can feel it…” then he pulled away as he removed his pants and then jockey shorts and a cruel hit of coldness charged my body as his hands leapt from my sides.

    Still feeling cold I began to shiver but he guided my hands toward where they were before and I felt fuzzy, toned ass cheeks.

    Oooh, to touch his hairy meaty buttocks made me wet to my long johns. I only lowered my back of my pants because I wanted to feel his meat against me and that was when he pressed me close, his breath coming to the back of my neck like hot gushes of air.

    I felt his hot prick, humbly sized but it felt so grand against my crack and as it pushed against my back above my cheeks I felt it glisten.

    Intimacy I had never known before. Drops of man-juice only a guy knew was the deep core of a man’s body, his essence of lust.

    My hands grasped at his cheeks just to feel them so nicely. I wanted him.

    “Take me.” I faintly stammered. “But gently.”

    He was dripping and oozing so uncontrollably I was surprised his initial press into my hole just the tip did not hurt. He left it in that depth just for a moment, relishing in the sensation.

    Then when he went further I gasped and he pulled back… slowly.

    He was trying to be gentle as possible when he would react everytime I jerked or made a noise, but I realized something. He was finding a spot I never knew would be so good.

    He was angling towards me trying not to hurt me but I knew he’d pull out if I reacted in any slight fashion. I had to hold it in. Please get my prostate again. Just push it again…. please!

    He slipped back in, and got out, put it in again, over and over, then a little faster.

    (Oh yes..)

    He went into a torturously slow rhythm “Oh yes…” I whispered but he continued the pace.

    “Oh yes…” He started to get a little faster, my cock bringing out wave after wave of pre-cum leaking like a faucet moistening my long johns.

    “Yes.” I could feel he was entering his zone and his breath quickening a tad, his thrusts getting more deeper. Then his breath turning into moans, his thrusting making me hold on for dear life as his pole found my spot in my hole again and again.

    Then he did it. He unleashed the hose in me. I was moaning so loud, making such noise as I felt the center of my being coming… I was having an anal orgasm just as his cock then drove into my anus again and again, going into my gut and I felt a spreading warmth. His cock was spurting his seed, delivering his spunk in my hole in starts and stops.

    He slowly pulled out. Then we got dressed and got out of there. We weren’t sure what to do and never saw each other again. But then again there would be nothing to top that night to make us forget. We went away and slept his cum slowly seeping out of my hole and I smiled and closed my eyes.

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