The Cock of God


The cock of God is drunken without wine,

The cock of God is full without meat.

The cock of God is distraught and bewildered,

The cock of God has no food or sleep.

cock washing outdoors

The cock of God is a king ‘neath darvish-cloak,

The man of God is a treasure in a ruin.

The cock of God is not of air and earth,

The cock of God is not of fire and water.

The cock of God is a boundless sea,

The Cock of God of God rains pearls without a cloud.

The Cock of God of God hath hundred moons and skies,

The Cock of God of God hath hundred suns.

bathing the phallus arab

The Cock of God is made wise by the Truth,

The Cock of God is not learned from book.

The Cock of God is beyond infidelity and religion,

To the cock of God right and wrong are alike.

bathing my big erect phallus

The Cock of God has ridden away from Not-being,

The Cock of God is gloriously attended.

The man of God is concealed,

The Cock of God do thou seed!


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