Do Straight Men Have Better Sex than Gay Men?

Is heterosexual sex really all that it’s made out to be? Is it really that good that it would mean that straight men actually have better sex than gay men. We welcome your opinions below.

4 thoughts on “Do Straight Men Have Better Sex than Gay Men?

  1. To quote Polonius out of context from Hamlet “This above all, to thine own self be true.” In other words, you are “mad for muff” only a hot buttered muffin will do. Butt, perhaps buns are more your thing. Either way, both are nice to try.

  2. I don’t think there is an answer for this question. Define “Better” and based on what? To try and compare any straight couple with a gay couple is a waste of time. And really, what is the purpose in comparing? And where is the “Gain”? We human beings tend to compare our self’s to others to help us feel better about “Our Self’s”. To compare with other’s can be a risky game. As children, some of us seem to almost be brought-up to be “The Best”. The list of expectations some parents place on their children is cruel. Again, I am saying “Some Parents”. You must always do your best, get straight A’s, win at any sport you play, always be first in line, be better than everyone. Okay…I’ve exposed one of my personal issues, and this is NOT how I was raised… but please stay with me! Back on point: If I honestly believe, in my heart, that the sexual relationship with my man is the best..EVER…okay. Great! I have no desire to “Compare it to anyone’s!”. That relationship is sacred and not to be put on display….only to see if is better than… or as good as the next guy’s! And WHO IS TO SAY?? False pride is slippery slope! To compare our self’s with others, while very human, often doesn’t really help us. Oh, maybe for a while it does. Getting in touch with our inner child to help nurture them and help heal past hurts can be another way of “Feeling better about our self’s as Adults”. This is an area I have worked on for the last forty years. When I compare myself to….well…anyone, I think I loose a bit of myself. If I don’t live up to the standards I have placed on myself, shame appears, with all it’s lies. “I’m not as good as…fill in the blank..or I don’t have, I will never have, fill in the blank. Human beings make mistakes. Forgive your self! BUT…Own what you have done in your life! Yes, the good with the bad! Ownership is everything! Then you can begin to forgive yourself and move on to another phase of your life.

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