Erotic Trancing : Rumi on Masturbation

Rumi was asked once what to do about a young man caught doing some indecent act. The story doesn’t mention what exactly — masturbation, peeping-tomming, whatever wild wantings young men think to do. Rumi told them not to worry about it. ‘It just means he’s growing his feathers. The dangerous case is a youth who doesn’t do indecent acts, who then leaves the nest without feathers. One flap and the cat has him.’ Be careful, Rumi suggests, about shaming sexual behavior in an adolescent or anyone who hasn’t yet has his or her fill of erotic trancing. Often, the closest we come to surrender is orgasm. In Rumi’s symbology the rooster is a symbol for that energy. (From The Essential Rumi By Coleman Barks, Jelaluddin Rumi)

Erotic Trancing : Rumi on Masturbation

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