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i need relief! every day is the constant battle with what i want.. and what i beieve is right. In less than a month i will be an 19yr old with a deep secret. im afraid im gay…i hav had a girlfriend for 18 months now and i cant connect with her. being raised a christian and still being one, i am so confused.. streched.. lost..i dont know what to do, or where im at? i live in south brisbane australia and need answers. as all this is the biggest secret of my entire life, i keep discreet. plz help. mitch


find a close friend like I have that you trust and will be friends with for the rest of your life. david and jonathon were best friends and love each other in all ways. you still date women and should marry and have children, but you should have a specal friend to get away with and enjoy man to man time. You can come here and we can be best friends and enjoy each other from time to time. Peace, jase 

rafael_cordova_piss are tremendous gay christian music artist and can help you. I am gay and a christian and came out 12 years ago and am glad I did. You can be gay and christian. Don’t dispair and whatever you do, don’t give up. Bob 


 Mitch, Just relax. You have plenty of time to figure this out. You do not have to decide–just explore and be open to the possibilty of what is right for you. You will or probably already know in you heart. It is okay to be gay and there is help out there I am sure even downunder. Look for a gay and lesbian youth group for support and for help about coming out if you decide to do so.. Gary, USA


HEy Mitch I kmow how you feel i was raised a chiristian too but around 7th grade i started realizing men in a different way but it was hard for me to believe that i was gay. but then i started realizing that god loves everybody and if he was the true god they talk about in the bible then youll go to heaven. But if you think your gay come out to close friends,theyll love you no matter what but stay in your comfort zone dont think now that your gay you have to come out to the world take babysteps and youll be alright. any more questions yoiu can email me Jake P


Hi Mitch, I can understand your gay secret,i suggest you get in touch with your local (MCC) Metropolitan Community Church and have a talk . It is OK to be a christian and gay as i am, and Jesus does not discriminate its only the main line christian churches . Have a look at this web site and listen to the first 3 minute video and also the sydney MCC website is  Best Wishes, Dick Watson


being gay isnt an evil thing, ive been gay all my life and i am happy with who i am. my boyfriend loves me and i love him. give it a try and you may be the happiest you have ever been. buzz

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  1. All power to you. You might eventually realise that being gay is the best thing that happened to you. You deserve all the love and respect in the world. You will eventually realise that the only people that don’t accept you are bitter, hateful individuals. You don’t need them in your life.

  2. Enjoy what you have, but you are mixed up and don’t know the truth.

    Yes, many Christian men do have homosexual desires. Jesus Christ want’s obedience to his word and people to trust him. They that Love Jesus Christ will keep his word.

    Salvation is believing his word and what he says and is a free gift to all mankind. After you are saved he wants you to grow in the grace and knowledge of his word. He wants to be your best friend and take you away from all sin. He is also the only one who can deliver you from loneliness.

    Sin is missing the mark of not being perfect, Only Jesus Christ was perfect. Even if we are perfect we could only pay for ourselves and we still wouldn’t go to heaven. Going to Heaven is only by trusting Jesus Christ as your savior and not by works. Works come after you trusted him.

    As for Hell, Jesus is the one who teaches us about it and it was supposed to be for the Devil and his demons. But when Mankind sins and hates Jesus Christ they have no other place to go except Hell. Death is two parts, Physical separation from the body. Separation from GOD(Jesus Christ). He will not let any sin in heaven.

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