Great British Wank Off

Mr Cox is proud to present for your entertaiment and pleasure the Great British Wank Off, Wanking Championships. Let me Intoduce the Contenders

S.Hooter (Carpenter)

Mr Cummings (College Lecturer)

Willie Handyman

Betting :  2/1 Ben T, 9/2  Willie Handyman, 8/1 Daddy Edge, 10/1 Mo Mushroom, Paddy Power, Mr Cummings, S.Hooter, Bear Grillus

Quater Final Matches

Match 1 Ben TS.Hooter

Match 2 Daddy EdgeBear Grill

Match 3 Mr Cummings V Willie Handyman

Match 4 Mo Mushroom V Paddy Power

2 thoughts on “Great British Wank Off

  1. Damn, all that cum from those sexy guys. Do they always cum that much are were they doing prostate message or something to make them shoot those mother loads? Wish I could have been with each of them to swallow evry drop of their beautiful and generous seed. Del Wilkinson

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