Did the ancient Celts Really Invent Gay Tantra?

Celtic Tantra – 1st century BC, The origins of Gay Tantra

“‘Despite the fact that their wives are very beautifal, the Celts have very little to do with them, but instead abandon themselves to a strange passion
for other men. They usually sleep on the ground on skins of wild animals and tumble about with a bedfellow on either side. And what is strangest of all is that, without any thought for a natural sense of modesty, they carelessly surrender their virginity to other man. Far from finding anything shameful in all this, they feel insulted if anyone refuses the favours they offer.’ Diodorus Siculus (1st century BC)

fuckn nonsense about Tantra

Source : World History, V.32″
The Celts: First Masters of Europe, Christiane Eluere, translated by Daphne
Briggs, Gallimard 1992, English translation Thames and Hudson Ltd, London,
and Harry N. Abrams, Inc., New York, 1993. 0-500-300348

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