inked arseholes

hairy arsed inked man godIt does not matter one tiny fuckling whether your gay, bi or str8. The only thing that really matters in this life is that your able to stand up, pull your pants down as a celebration of masculinity and shout, very very very loudly, I am a good man, I am a fucking good man. I haven’t got a bad bone in my body i have no malice, no bad ideas. i only want to  do, to say, to be, to radiate, to celebrate all that is me. As good men we must present ourselves and our orgasms to the universe as both sexual and spiritual. At the same time we must remain conscious that our spirituality expands and will one day make contact with the entire universe. While our sexual self is limited, our spiritual capactiy is utterly vast. Sexually we reach only a few people, while our feelings and especially our thoughts(spirituality) are capable of reaching all. Connecting our spiritual and sexual thoughst is far more powerful and embraces infinitely more, it is also more subtle and has greater possibilities, aloowing us to do dream any dream that we want. One day, however, after numerous incarnations and immense spiritual work, our spiritual will activate our sexual instantaneously.

inked man arse

To quote an old friend of mine, Mr. Rumi, “Seeds feed awhile on ground, then lift up into the sun. So you should taste the filtered light and work your way toward wisdom with no personal covering. That’s how you came here, like a star without a name.  Move across the night sky with those anonymous lights”. Remember, You are what you repeatedly do. Excellence is not an event — it is a habit. In the minutes before your multi orgasmic ejaculate your breathing should become more vigorous, building and building into a kind of tantric frenzy. Lots of sexy thoughts, tell yourself what you really like to hear. Think of something you want to happen in your life. As you are getting closer to your multi orgasmic ejaculation take huge big deep breaths through your nose, holding them in and then blowing them out through your mouth.

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Then as you begin to multi orgasmic ejaculate clench every muscle in your body and rolls your back in your head. Hold your breathe for as long as you can, till you think your about to explode. Then as you need, take a big deep breathe and at the same time shout very loudly what it was you wanted to happen in your life.Then it’s time to completely relax, resume regular breathing, and cover your body with a cumm sheet or blanket. You should maintain finger contact with your cock as you rest and dream. Music is very important at this stage. This experience can often take men to a slightly different level, with many experiencing very vivid sexual dreams the night after their full body multi orgasmic ejaculation. Our ejaculations are devine, that is as close as you will get to heaven on this earth. We have to learn to celebrate what is the very essence of us, connecting our mutli orgasmic ejaculations to our spirituality. We need to be taught this skill; we need guides to show us how. If we don’t our spirituality gets made up for us bi/ other people, and our mutli orgasmic ejaculations are far too fucking sacred for us to allow that do happen. I’m older than you, this is tantric wisdom speaking. As they say in East london, iSN’t m8″  bi/ Seb Cox.

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