Self-pleasuring our potential


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(From Sexual Health and Erotic Freedom by Barnaby Barratt) Self-administrated touch integrates, soothes or comforts, and gives us a psychologically fundamental sense of worthiness and competence – which is commonly called “self-esteem.” It is the antidote to shame. The “skin … Continue reading

learn ejaculation control


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The longer you are able to wank the faster you will be able to learn ejaculation control. The most important advice I can give to anyone who wants to improve their ejaculation control, is to take huge big deep breaths. … Continue reading

Fucking Tips & Techniques


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From taoist doctor of the seventh century, Li Tung-Hsuan Tzu. He poetically described nine styles of penetration, by varying the direction, the speed and the depth of the thrusts. It’s strange that something that was written nearly 1,400 years ago … Continue reading

Wanking Prevents Cancer


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An Australian study has found that frequent wanking may protect men against prostate cancer in later life. A team led by Professor Graham Giles, head of cancer epidemiology at the Cancer Council Victoria, questioned more than 2000 men about their … Continue reading



While wanking as usual, I like to use both of my hands one on top of the other so that my whole dick is getting attention and then as im about to cum i stop and then, using the palm of my hand, massage the head of my dick until its unbearable and i wank fast and cum all over the place (Jacob McManus)rugby-lads-wanking

when wanking is art

Seedbed is a performance piece first performed by Vito Acconci on 15–29 January 1972 at Sonnabend Gallery in New York. In the piece, there is a low wooden ramp merging with the floor.

The ramp extends across the width of the room, beginning two feet up the side of one wall and slanting down to the middle of the floor. In his original performance of the piece, Acconci lay hidden underneath the ramp installed at the Sonnabend Gallery, masturbating. The artist’s spoken fantasies about the visitors walking above him were heard through loudspeakers in the gallery. You can see a better copy of the film, hereMarina Abramović performed Seedbed as part of her Seven Easy Pieces in 2005. Vito Acconci – Seedbed (1972)

cowboy erect dick

“In this legendary sculpture/performance Acconci lay beneath a ramp built in the Sonnabend Gallery. Over the course of three weeks, he masturbated eight hours a day while murmuring things like, “You’re pushing your cunt down on my mouth” or “You’re ramming your cock down into my ass.” Not only does the architectural intervention presage much of his subsequent work, but all of Acconci’s fixations converge in this, the spiritual sphincter of his art. In Seedbed, Acconci is the producer and the receiver of the work’s pleasure. He is simultaneously public and private, making marks yet leaving little behind, and demonstrating ultra-awareness of his viewer while being in a semi-trance state.” – Jerry Saltz


a wanker

hairy chest causes big erectionI have been a dedicated wanker all my life. My best wank ever happened quite unexpectedly. I didn’t see a lot of my brother-in-law, Bob but one summer, the four of us rented a place way out in the country. It was lovely weather and us men used to go out on the balcony without bothering to wear anything. This particular morning we were standing having our coffee and discussing how to spend the day. We had seen each other naked many times but as I looked down it seemed that his cock was bigger than usual. As I watched, it definately started to get hard.This facinated me and I started to get a hard on myself. We just stood looking at each others cocks now fully erect. Bob was the first one to make a move. He took hold of my prick and said “Wow!” The feel of his hand really excited me and I grasped his throbbing cock and pulled his foreskin back to expose his big purple knob. I remember him saying OH Jesus !” and started thrusting in and out of my hand. There was no stopping now and we stood on the edge of the balcony and wanked each other off. We both came about the same time and with shaking legs shot thick streams of hot white spunk out into the garden. That holiday we became insatiable for each other’s cocks and graduated to sucking each other and swallowing. (the cum knocker)

cock rocks!


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Well I really like to do it in the shower. I really don’t even start out hard but by the time i’m done, I’m like a rock! I start out by getting in the shower and I get all wet. … Continue reading