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Essentially it’s a personal choice butt, there are at least 6 really powerful reasons to go commando/freeball/wear no underwear. The main reasons I avoid wearing underwear are I find it more comfortable, as most of the “designer” briefs out there … Continue reading

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I went to Indonesia a few years ago and was staying with friends on Bali. It is a mixture of Hindu and Buddist which is a very uninhibited culture. I needed a haircut and found a hairdresser on the edge … Continue reading

tightly encased


We are taught as men to wear very tight underwear and jeans or pants that hide our cock and bollocks. A study conducted by *Dr Rima Dada has revealed that the sperm count of a normal adult male in India, which used to be 60 million per ml around 30 years ago, has plunged to a third of that count — to around 20 million per ml. And this relatively swift decline in sperm count is being linked to habits which expose the scrotum to higher-than-normal temperatures. The 10-year-long study, questioned 1,000 men from north India and found that lifestyle factors like tight clothing, hot tub dips and long visits to the sauna, pesticide exposure due to intensive gardening or farming as well as increased obesity rates were major causes for decreasing sperm count. Dada said, “Tight-fit denim trousers result in tightly encased groins, causing the testicles to be pressed back into the warmth of the body. Obesity is also a major factor for this decrease in sperm production. Sudden weight gain leads to increase in abdominal fat, which causes high testicular temperature.” Stress is another factor that lowers the sperm count, she said. An earlier State University of New York study showed how laptops damage fertility. Laptops reached internal operating temperatures of over 70 degrees C and because they are frequently positioned close to the scrotum, the user sits with his thighs close together. This, too, traps the scrotum between the thighs. Commenting on the research, self appointed sex guru, Seb Cox said, “I encourage all men to put on a nice fat cock ring, some light orange colour shorts go for a good walk, dangling their bulge ap and down their local High Street, with a great sense of pride. That’s not just good for their sperm count, it’s good for their souls”.

twit 4 twat

“Every man and woman is a star” – Aleister Crowley
ejaculate-34Every man should at least once in his life experience the magick of a womans orgasming while watching her husband getting fucked. To prepare both the woman and the gay man should bathe together. It helps if the woman has a beautiful shaved pussy. Simple touching is a good starting point. As you both feel relaxed you can begin to explore. The gay man should do what he does best before the ritual i.e. lighting scented candles, playing soft music and keeping the room beautifully tidy and warm. Make sure that there is little to no possibility of interruption, especially from the woman’s husband. Before beginning the massage, the gay man should prepare himself, gel his hair, put on Calvin Klein underwear and perfume. No, he does not need to take a douche. Gaze into the woman’s eyes, and relax. The woman should refrain from giggling and feel herself becoming Sexological moist. This is a type of Tantric foreplay in which the couple forms an emotional and spiritual bond. When both parties are ready for the massage, the woman lies on her back with one pillow under her head and another under her hips to elevate her pelvis. She bends her knees and opens her legs to expose her beautiful pussy, or Yoni. The gay man should sit comfortably between the woman’s legs with his legs crossed. Prior to any physical contact, both partners perform simple (Tantric) breathing exercises. Big breaths in, hold them in, pleasure the clit, and big breathe out. The gay man should bring his face directly in front of the woman’s moistening pussy and breath directly on to it, without actually kissing it. He should continue with this part of the ritual for about 10 minutes. Eventually he should become aware of the woman breathing in unison with his “pussy worship breathing. This unison should be maintained throughout the entire experience. The Sexological massage begins with other parts of the woman’s body to encourage her to relax. The gay man gently but firmly massages her legs, thighs, stomach and arms before venturing toward the breasts. Use the same breathing exercise that you used for the pussy worship to adore the woman’s breasts. pussy-boi

The gay man should gently put the nipples in his mouth and caress them. After about 10 – 15 minutes gradually breathe again all the way down, all the way down to that moistening kunta. Next, the gay man applies spoons of organic honey on the outer mounds of the woman’s genitals. This can be a picked up at Waitrose by the gay manwhile on his weekly cruise. The honey should be very generously and sensuously poured over the Pussy and cover the entire mound. Now it’s very important for the gay man to take things very slowly. Both partners should keep as much eye to eye contact as possible and continue to breathe in unison. During the massage, the woman should massage the honey into her breasts for further stimulation. If at any time during the massage the woman has an orgasm, you may need to begin the Sexological massage ritual again. It is the woman’s choice. Many women find that continuing with the massage produces several orgasms, each with increasing intensity. In Tantra, this is called “riding the wave.” If the woman wishes to avoid orgasm, breathing deeply and relaxing as much as possible can help to at least postpone climax. With the right hand the gay man massages the outer lips of the woman’s genitals, commonly known as the mound. With his thumb and index finger, the gay man gently squeezes each lip of the Yoni, sliding his fingers up and down the entire length of each lip. Then, he carefully repeats this process with each inner lip of the pussy. He varies the pressure and speed of his touch according to his woman’s preferences. He then gently strokes the woman’s clitoris in a circular motion, clockwise and counter-clockwise. Next, he squeezes the clitoris between his thumb and index finger. Then, the gay man inserts his middle finger into the Yoni. Much time is spent inside the vagina exploring and massaging. Varying the speed and depth of his finger, the gay man feels inside the Yoni up, down and around. With his finger and palm pointing upward inside his woman’s vagina, the gay man bends his finger to make contact with the woman’s G-spot, known as the “sacred spot” in Tantra. The gay man can also insert his ring finger into the vagina. Some women enjoy the increased pressure of two fingers. Other options during this step include the gay man stimulating the woman’s clitoris with his thumb and gently inserting his little finger into her anus while his middle finger (and possibly ring finger) remains inside her pussy. The massage continues until the woman decides it is time to stop. Other sexual activity may follow. especially if the woman’s partner turns up. Don’t worry tell him you are gay? You may have to prove it bi/ fucking him. What would a gay man know about pussy massage, you would be very very surprized. OMFG, he is so much fucking tighter than his wife. It’s always really great fun. You don’t even have to change the condom, out of her pussy and into his CUNT, twit 4 twat. Harry  Shishna

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