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One teaching model is the ancient sexological wanking. It is a powerful alternative to traditional masturbation. It acknowledges and celebrates the cock as a vehicle to raise ‘life-force energy’ – to access our very own life force. It is designed to … Continue reading

safe cock sucking


There are two different views on sucking. European and American. European authorities agree with me that sucking cock presents little risk as long as you don’t have open cuts or sores in your mouth. To make it safer they suggest that you don’t swallow spunk or brush/floss your teeth for two hours before or after sucking cock. American authorities are more restrictive: they argue that a condom must be worn from start to finish. Avoid taking cum in your mouth or leaving it in someone else’s. Avoid sucking if you have bleeding gums, sores, abscessed teeth, or have just gone to the dentist. Wait until they heal. Do not brush or floss your teeth right before or after sucking cock. For fresh breath, try chewing gum, rinsing with mouthwash or even better a big fat spoon of honey. Look closely for sores or blisters on the genitals, mouth or lips. If sores or blisters are visible, avoid oral sex. Remember, though, it’s not always possible to see sores or blisters. Obviously the safest is not to allow any one to cumm in your mouth. If your sucking someone’s cock and you think they are getting close. Stop and take his cock out of your mouth. And tell the guy before you start that you don’t want him to come in your mouth. Tell him you want to see the spunk shooting out of his fat cock.

tantrick cock

a helping hand at the urinal

knockin’ boots


LEt’s say you’re masturbating or you’re with someone and you’re knockin’ boots, work you’re cock liek you normally would. Get it hard. Just as you’re about to come to orgasm, press your fingers in that little area between your scrotum and you’re anus. Now you have to press HARD. The area I’m talking about is this fleshy muscly part under the scrotum. It’s actually right before the anus. What this does is block the seminal bladder so you get this build up of spunk your body wants to ejacualte. This swells up against the prostate and it feels fucking amazing. the orgasm starts as normal but keeps building and building and building. Make sure you push up into the pelvis, not forward that feels weird. Try it next time you’re in the shower. Let me know if it works for you! M(Canada)

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