my first brojob


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i am a married guy and 10yrs ago i had my first brojob met this guy he was married went back to mine (wife at work ) watched a porno and next thing we are wanking and sucking each others … Continue reading

Heterosexuals fellated by gay men have lower rates of prostate cancer


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Gay men weren’t just put on this earth for their fashion flair, impeccable taste and creativity,” They’re cancer-fighting angels that need to be encouraged, celebrated and, above all, appreciated.”  The “Study On The General Health Benefits Of One-Way Gay Fellatio” … Continue reading

str8 cocksuckers


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I would be happy just to suck one thick cock. I’ve always thought of myself as straight, but always really wanted to suck another man’s cock. I think I could do a better job of it than a woman, especially … Continue reading

To worship phallus

To worship a man is to worship God. If God himself came down to earth and asked you to put his throbbing God-phallus on your mouth or into your fleshy hole, would you do it? Are we not made in his him image? What greater worship could there be than to suck and swallow and give hot, wet, slippery pleasure to God’s massive, blood-engorged, phallus? to lick the in-between place.. between the huge hanging fruits of creation and the fleshy, musky hole of pure pleasure. To lovingly hold the warm, heavy balls of god in your mouth. To caress them and smell them, to feel the hairy sack tickle the back of your throat. What power and pleasure and warmth and love. Gliding your slippery warm tongue up the rock harness of pulsing veins and flesh, reaching a sweet, glimmering jewel of God juice forming at the opening of heaven. To taste God’s life beginning to overflow from the impossible beauty of the soft, firm head – incompletely covered by the tightening sheath of gods fore-skin. As your tongue prays to the magic stiffening cock and the sheath pulls back to reveal the beauty and perfection of curves of the universe sculpted into flesh, God’s nectar begins to drip down the beating shaft to your adoring lips. Your fleshy, engorged, wet, red lips open for the head of God’s massive cock. The entirety of his hard, sweet, pliable, perfect flesh slips effortlessly into the infinite reaches of you soul.


You inhale and massage God’s divinity with the throat muscles God gave to you Your warm, wet mouth and throat worship with each loving thrust of God’s perfect hips, filling your entire being with the slippery warmth of God’s love. The worship continues with you on your knees, praying and worshiping God, praying for Him to fulfill you. Soon, God’s Cock begins to contract and you hear the thunderous sighs of pleasure start to emanate from God’s massive chest. God’s life crating balls contract upward, bouncing off of your now wet chin and as God roars his pleasure and his full balls contract upward over and over, you feel the creamy, slippery, milky juice of God shoot into and onto your entire body. Filling you and covering you completely. You remain knelling. Swallowing and humming. Licking and kissing until every warm, sweet, sticky ribbon of God’s love is in you. You hear God’s sighs of pleasure and his feel his warm breath as he looks lovingly down onto you and you know the love of his warm smile and loving embrace. You are filled with the love of God… knowing that your prayer and worship has pleased him. You can only wait to worship and serve him and please him again and again, and again, and… Bi/ scott_redleter

cock-sucking experience

cocksucking bears thick and furry

Before I got married I got a “cock-sucking” experience with my gay friend Timmy. As you claim that no one is totally heterosexual, I believe that at that moment in my life I must have shown that I had gay tendencies. So, one Saturday evening Tummy and I visited some friends near our home. We sat, chatted and drank booze. At midnight we walked over to my apartment (I was 27 and Tummy about the same age). It was late and Tummy did not have a place to crash for the night. So, he asked me if he could sleep at my place. I told him I had only one single bed, and that he could sleep on the couch if he wanted. We were hald-drunk, and so as soon as we got home, Tummy kissed me vehemently when I turned the living-room lights. He told me he had fallen in love with me since we had met. I knew he was gay, but I think I had never given him a “pass”. He grabbed my half-erect six-inch cock, and started to undress me lewdly. He got naked too, and since alcohol is a good disinhibitor, I let myself go. There was no fear of VHS diseases 40 years ago, and although Tummy was not that “good-looking” fellow, his passion, his kisses and caresses, told me I must experience his activeness at sex. He told me he didn’t fuck straight men, and that he knew I was straight. All he wanted is to suck my dick, and let him cum on my hairy and manly legs. I was 5.11 inches tall, well-built, white complexion, and a nice six-inch- hot-boner awaiting to have my life sucked away.

skinhead wanker

Tummy was (I do not know if he’s still alive), shorter, dark-complexioned, hairless, and had curly hair. I only took a glance at his boner when he cummed onto my legs. So he continued taking the initiative, and since he must have been well-experienced in sucking cock, I just let the joy of a casual sexual encounter take over me. He licked my small nipples, letting him touch my butt, but not my arse. His mouth kisses ate my lips, but I remained passive all the time. I wanted to find what cock-sucking was all about. He bent down and licked my balls, which always retract upward disappearing into my pelvis groin and scrotum.cocksuckers heavenHe then led me to my single bed, and there he knelt down in front of my throbbing boner, which had started to “cry” with lots of pre-cum fluid. Since I was cut when I was eight days old, my libido concentrated more in the shaft than in the glans and corona. My thick knob at its base (5.5 inches, more than average) was swallowed by his wide mouth and hungry lips. He sucked dearingly, while I moaned leaning on my bed with my elbows and my head spinning round and round. I had had oral sex done to me by female mouths, but this friend’s mouth was out-of-this-world. He really knew how to suck a straight’s pecker. He would talk sometimes, saying that he thought my prick was “beautiful” (I guees its “arrow” shape from thick base to the arrow-looking glans, seemed to him “pretty” and “odd”. So, his spit gave my cock some lubrication besides my pre-cum which spouted in great amounts (I was 28 years old, and had had not too much female sexual encounters to that point). So, the petit-mort arrived after a good-half-an-hour sucking, and I started to spout my jizz into his hungry-for-cock mouth. He swallowed it all, while draining my life away. I thought I’d die right there! He then got up, while some of my juices dribbled down his fucking mouth, while he started to show me his five-inch uncut and brown stiffy, which also started to spout his greenish cum onto my hairy and well-built legs (they are still strong and well-shaped, just like my deceased dad’s). He then said that he would not ask me to fuck his arse, since he knew that I would shun such an idea, neither did he asked me to fuck him, since in the first place he wasn’t “that clean” up his ass. I told him I’d never fuck a man’s ass, but he was welcomed to blow my piece once again.bigdaddySo, afterwards we sat leaning against the bedroom wall, and watching our “diminishing” size rods, and while he kissed me after cleaning his mouth with water, I started to caress his nipples, and wondered if I should jerk his rod, while he touched mine, which started to get hard as diamond. His got turned on again. He did ask me to touch his less than average boner. I did feel a new sexual sensation by watching his foreskin hide his purple glans. So I kept wanking him, while he bent over and sucked me again. It was like watching God for the first time (I believe cumming is similar to talking and watching God. It is a spiritual death and resurrection, beleive me!). This time I enjoyed his sucking passion, while he ate my life away, for this time it took longer for me to have a second cumming. While he sucked me, I wanked him. Deep inside there was the temptation to suck him too. But my subconscious “manly” mind said “no way, jose”. We both reached our climaexes at the same time. His ooze spouted all over his stomach and chest, while mine was once more swallowed into his deep throat. After our “small death”, while we groaned, moaned, panted and swet, we both kissed our naked torsos, as well as our mouths. We both felt asleep in the single bed, holding each other like two dearing lovers. It was two a.m., and while I hugged him, my two-and-a-half-inch uncut pecker touched his butt, but there was no hardon, nor any libido to fuck his arse. We just let our minds rest at peace. Six hours later, at eight o’clock, he asked me to take a shower together. Needless to say, he gave me head once more, eating the dribbling soap foam along with my whitish-yellowish jizz. He had a hardon too, and I did love to watch his cock throb with his foreskin retracted, but this time I only caresses his winnie, and helped him cum again onto my virile and strong legs. (I’m a bear from the waist down, including my buttocks, and also my monkey arms and hands (kind of sexy, don’t you think?). Tummy disappeared from my life a short while after. I had never had gay experiences since that only one-time 40 years ago. I don’t know if I should regret that, but to tell you the truth, I kind of miss Tummy’s mouth “eating” my then six-incher (now its 5.75, I guess because I’m getting old), and I wonder if Tummy is still alive, or if he’s still around. I married afew moths after my gay encounter, and have two sons, and almost five grandchildren. I still haven’t found out if I’m totally heterosexual. What do you think, Mr. Seb Cox? Forty

biggest cock


i was just twenty years old and had a job in the steel mill. we always showered after work. me being a little penis guy was always kinda looking at other cocks when no one was looking. this one black guy had the biggest smoothest cock i ever saw. one day he let me know he knew i was loking at his cock a lot. he asked me to his place for a beer or two and i said o.k. at his place he came out of the bathroom naked and said here i am naked now you can look all you want. his cock was9-10 inches and very clean. after a while he asked me to play with him and i just froze. here was this big cock i had been looking at so much hanging in my face. i began to play with him soon and before i knew it that big thing was in my mouth. after about 10 minutes of sucking on it that thing exploded. there was come everywhere. when it was over he said he was married. i didnt believe what i had just done. months later i was caught by his wife while sucking him off. she wasnt mad and just wanted to watch. she watched me suck his massive cock for years.


My wife loves big cocks she likes to wank them suck and shag them when we are out she always looks at big bulges. Anon

wife’s blessing

sucking-cocksHi everyone, glad I found this site. I have been married for 20 years and for the last 18 of those I have been a cocksucker with my wife’s blessing, she loves to see me suck a nice big cock, she even set up my first time sucking cock. We were talking one night about tantric fantasies and I mentioned that I have always wondered what it was like to suck a dick, she smiled and said, “really?” and then didn’t mention it again for over a week when I came home from work and her two brothers were over. I was told to shower and put on something comfortable. When I came down my wife said very matter of factly, “My brothers have agreed to let you suck their dicks so you can stop wondering what it is like to suck one.”

sailors erect

I didn’t know what to say or do when my one brother in law said, “come here and kneel in front of me.” when I did that I was told to unzip his pants and take his cock out and then to put it in my mouth. I started to suck and move my head up and down and soon I was loving it. Soon I was going to town on his dick and all to soon for me, I wanted to keep sucking, he came in my mouth. Now I have eaten my own cum before that but it tastes so much better when it goes right from cock to mouth. I savored it for about a half a minute until I rembered my second brother in law was there to get his cock sucked as well. So I got up and went and kneeled down in front of him, pulled his cock out of his pants and started to suck his cock. I loved the taste of his cum as well, but wasn’t as sweet as his brothers. My wife asked me if I enjoyed sucking cock, I got red and admitted I did, she said good because she enjoyed watching me. Her brothers said I was ok, but needed practice. Soon not only her brothers, but her father, ther brother’s friends, our friends, and hardly a day has gone by that I haven’t sucked at least one cock. My wife only has rule, she must be there to watch. Mike

cumm and suck