not one fucking iota?

It does not matter one fucking iota, whether your gay, bi or str8. The only thing that really matters in this life is that your able to stand up, pull your pants down as a celebration of masculinity and shout, very very very loudly… I am a good man, I am a fucking good man. I haven’t got a bad bone in my body i have no malice, no bad ideas. i only want to  do, to say, to be, to radiate, to celebrate all that is fucking “me”. As good men we must present ourselves and our orgasms to dick here

“Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men.”

In 2015, University of California, gender and sexuality professor Jane Ward published a book called “Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men.” In it, Ward discussed what she called “straight homosexual sex” in frat houses, barracks and biker gangs, as well as more mundane settings like suburban cul-de-sacs. Ward illustrates that sex between straight white men allows them to leverage whiteness and masculinity to authenticate their heterosexuality in the context of sex with men. These sex acts are not slippages into a queer way of being or expressions of a desired but unarticulated gay identity. Instead, Ward argues, they reveal the fluidity and complexity dick here

shaft licking and ball humming

What a great site! I love to suck cock and guess what. I am totally straight! I have no attraction to men or gay porn and I don’t really care to be sucked by a guy. I am married to an absolutely beautiful woman whom I love to fuck and eat ………but……I still love to suck on a cock. I became fascinated by the thought when my wife was talking about the power she felt when she gave a guy a blowjob. She said it was no big deal to blow a guy! I thought to myself, “what’s the difference if dick here

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I’m a very happily married male with a sudden passion to feel the sensation of a another mans hard cock fucking my mouth. I usually masturbate with a banana in my mouth and can take 9 inches without gagging. I have sat upside down with legs above my head and shot my load on and in my mouth and enjoyed my sweet semen. I’m tired of my cum and want another mans cock now. I’ve read a bunch of stories hear and have to say, I’m glad I’m not alone. My questions for you you more experienced cocksuckers is this. dick here

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Every straight married man needs a secret fun top to help him unwind (Paris) You lead a very straight life. Alpha type in public. You are the boss at home and in bed with your wife. However deep inside you, you are secretly craving to let a discreet fit man take care of you for a change. Show you what it feels give in to a man to balance your routine. Does it ring a bell? Many macho men have this fantasy so don’t feel awkward. It’s hot and erotic. And I can help you with it. Just lie down, dick here

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IT wasn’t until I was fifty, that I discovered I really enjoy being fucked by men. I have no desire to kiss or hug, just the penetration, and mutual sucking. Unlike some, I have never experienced discomfort or pain. You will find other men like me with the same preference to fuck you. Here is a picture of me being fucked.

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Hey man, You have a very stiff appearance. Rigid socially. Alpha type in public. You lead a very straight life. Dominant man in the outside but want to secretly let a clean tall fit bi man break your routine, show you what it feels give in to a man. Don’t be timid. Just lie down, relax and let’s make it happen behind closed doors. Let me make you moan. Very fit. bi, smooth chest, executive man here. DDF. Top. I want to make you feel good through your ass. Safe only. Very discreet. This is obviously our secret. executive types dick here

Str8 Married Massaged

Hi, I am Str8 married man. I do have a number of massages hawaiian and tantric, I wish they all went a bit further….But I am nervous. I did have great hawaiian in Sydney, all str8 to end then when I touched his cock by accident he slid the loincloth off as part of the massage (they fall off anyway in hawaiian due to underbody strokes..)He just touched me a bit and as I hardened he did a bit more and slowly worked me up to fully hard and then when my eyes were closed he sucked me and I dick here

100% str8

I read this article with great interest. I am a man who considers myself to be essetially 100% str8 but I have slept with lots of men and have recently been seeing a man in a full-blown relationship. When I say I am str8 I mean that I am not physically attracted to men at all. However I am ‘sexually‘ attracted to men. I dumped my last girlfriend (I have usually had two relationships at once – with a man and a woman) because my male lover satisfied me more. I am openly ‘bi-sexual’ but no one understands if I dick here

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I am a married straight male, who has never been with a man, but lately all I can think about is cock and cumm uk. My favorite fantasy: Its my birthday the wife and I are out of town and staying in a hotel suite. After a night of drinking (she likes to talk dirty and sexual when she drinks) We go back to the hotel, I am horny as hell, I start ripping her clothes off and lay her down on the floor, I go right for that bushy wet pussy that I have been rubbing through her jeans all dick here

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I have a had an on-going relationship with a str8 married guy for the last 5 years. We only meet up when on business trips together abroad, always at his hotel. There is no kissing or tenderness involved, just manly joking around and horseplay. We might watch a little porn together first. Although I get really turned on and hard, and will wank quite openly in front of him, he won’t even touch my cock or my body. Then he lies face down on the bed and, as he says,”chews the pillow” while I fuck him. His fantasy is to dick here


Mikhail Sidorychev, Russian bodybuilder powerlifter strongman, wanker, is said to be the world’s greatest ejaculator(see pictures below). What a fucKing spunKing. Mikhail Sidorychev, Blessed bi/

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i am a married guy and 10yrs ago i had my first brojob met this guy he was married went back to mine (wife at work ) watched a porno and next thing we are wanking and sucking each others cock. i bent over and his hard cock entered my arse. he fucked me long and hard. i turned over lay on my back wrapped my legs around his back and felt his balls banging against my arse cheeks as he fuck me till he shot his load. Try it as you know how your wife feels when sucking your dick here

Heterosexuals fellated by gay men have lower rates of prostate cancer

Gay men weren’t just put on this earth for their fashion flair, impeccable taste and creativity,” They’re cancer-fighting angels that need to be encouraged, celebrated and, above all, appreciated.”  The “Study On The General Health Benefits Of One-Way Gay Fellatio” was spearheaded by University of Montana Sexual & Liberal Studies research fellow Dr. Dick Feelgood and will be published in the upcoming Spring issue of the Men’s Journal Of Health & Gender . It was initially met with jeers and snickering when first proposed in 2005, but Feelgood persevered to get funding, and was finally able to get it off the dick here



circle jerks hand jobs frot

Part of it might be what pop culture implies about being gay. (Bisexuals don’t exist in pop culture.) While the stereotypes about gay men are largely done with, there’s still a belief in some essential difference. This is actually kinda funny to me. From puberty to college, I had a number of male sexual partners. Guys my own age. Athletes mostly. But no oral or anal, just a lot of circle jerks, hand jobs, and frot. Most of them are straight. A few are openly bi. Hell, if we didn’t get laid after a date (a.k.a. 99% of teenage dates), we’d relieve dick here

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Use lots of lubricant. Honey is amazing. Smear to heaped spoonful all over his cock and balls. If he is not totally erect do more licking than sucking. When sucking occasional run your finger around the base of his cock in circular motions. Gently massage his balls. Try putting both his balls in your mouth while his cock dangles in your face. Lick the balls when they are in your mouth. Use your hands on his cock as well. Use your tongue while his cock is in your mouth. Change frequently between licking and sucking. Use lots of sexy talk as you hold his cock about one inch dick here

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Red Hot Touch Genital Massage for Men. Click here to order the class 30 minutes of explicit video from Red Hot Touch with Jaiya.Three erotically-gifted women caress their male lovers deep into non-ordinary erotic states and create new pleasure patterns in their bodies. Really hot! The eager masseuses demonstrate twenty hot ways to touch the male genitals. Online Sex Classes Red Hot Touch Genital Massage for Men. Click here to order the class

str8 men sleep together

British men are more advanced than American men in doing this, but these behaviors are still occurring, and we predict that increasing numbers of American men will engage in them as they realize the benefits of doing so. According to a new study out of Durham University on the changing social habits of heterosexual males. Published in the journal of Men and Masculinities in March, the study revealed that 98 percent of the study’s participants — all white, college-age male athletes — have shared a bed with another guy. In addition, 93 percent also reported having spooned or cuddled with dick here

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My first fuck still seems surreal to me, i was in search for an anal orgasm through prostate stimulation and had disappointing results with a girlfriend. A much more experienced gay friend was talking to me about it and kissed me, id always suspected i was bi but i never had the courage to ask or tell any one about it. He took off my shirt and pushed me down on the bed slipped my jeans down a bit and inserted his finger in my anus, after a few mins, he took a condom out of his wallet and asked dick here

29% of Brits think same-sex relationships are wrong

A recent national survey found that 29% of British adults think same-sex relationships are wrong, a sharp drop from 46% in 2000. Butt, it still means that nearly 1/3 of people living here in the UK are homophobic! I have a little message for those 29%. I am an old man. I have meet lots of people who suffer from homophobia in my long life, butt, I have never meet a person who was homophobic, that wasn’t a homosexual. Take a good long look in the mirror. What can you fucking see?

share the journey

Hi Seb, Woke up this morning thinking about you and realized it was time to sit down and share a few thoughts with you. I’ve never met you but have visited your site a lot over the past year or so and invested more than a few hours there each time. There’s something really fascinating and wonderful about the freedom that you have with your body, your mind and your sex. You seem totally unfettered by all of the societal ligatures that compete for our souls – and that’s something that really intrigues me. As a photographer I’ve been creating dick here

brother in law

One time when your best mate is over, say a night, have a beer or two, and watch some porn. You could say your trying to decide what would be good for the bedroom or bucks party night. After a couple of beers well, this shouldnt be a problem. Bring up you want jackoff see if he ok with this, then if you want go further see what he says to your one liner, I probably just say wonder what like to suck cock, that your straight but alway curious. Ask him what he thinks about, not if he done dick here