Sri Lankan Shishna Massage


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GP writes about his male massage experiences in Sri Lanka in 2010  I was on a 14 day trip to Sri Lanka in 2010 – 7 days on the beach and 7 days touring the cultural triangle. We arrived at … Continue reading

massage my shishna

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Begin with your hands open very wide and place them about half an inch away from *my shishna Work up and down without actually touching. Touch me with your breathe, as if i am on fire.


Gently touch my face and gradually make your way down to my toes. Touch my magick, radiating masculinity with every stroke. Feel the energy penetrating. Touch him with the very tips of your fingers.

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Pretend your hands are raindrops, and as if you are moistening every minute part of my magnificence, and then spread that energy. Lightly pull at my 4skin as if you were peeling to allowing me to reveal my inner self.


 Nurture my balls as if are guarding the crown jewels. gently hold them and feel my energy, don’t massage them. As you are cradling them use the very tips of your fingers to gently tickle and vibrate


Gradually move your vibrating finger tips around to my rosebud. Gently tickle my anal lips forever. Every so often take your fingers away and tickle my hole with your breathe. Really huge big deep breaths


*my shishna (arabian dick massage)



miracle of my shishna

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My harry shishna (tantric cock) is wonderful, slides back in your mouth on the pull back, you tighten up as it massages your tonsils and on the down stroke gives you such a satisfying penetration as your body slowly relaxes again on every stroke and surrenders to the miracle of my shishna. Made in heaven, you’ll suck it and thank the universe for the philosophy I have given you. Most people have powerful sex dreams some night after sucking my fat cock. It is important to pay attention to the details of this dream.