21% Str8 men wanks to Gay Porn


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A study from the Archives of Sexual Behaviour spoke with 821 guys about what they wank off to. No surprising that 98.3% of gay men admitted to watching gay porn in the last month, while 96% of bisexual men did … Continue reading

the divine in you!


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For years now, my sexual life has been about reconciling the joy of sex with the spiritual side of me, worshipping the divine presence I could feel, and sometimes truly see, in my orgasms. In search of that ultimate orgasm, … Continue reading

a sexual awakening


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Hi Seb,  Just wanted to drop a note. I came across your site one day while surfing bored at work. It was bookmarked immediately and I have revisited many times since. I enjoy the various sections. I love the masculine … Continue reading

When I Am King – Sexual Healing

The guy playing the guitar is a bit lost, when he smiles. The man playing the beat, is setting the agenda, and the man singing, winking, is god…

When I Am King – Sexual Healing (Cover)

Sexual Healers


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like if you see someone who is great with math, he absolutely loves it, he thinks about it all day long constantly trying to figure things out mathematically… you don’t call him an addict, you suggest he might enjoy a … Continue reading


str8 naked sleep

When the soul is plunged in the fire of divine love, like iron, it first loses its blackness, and then growing to white heat it becomes like unto the fire itself. And lastly, it grows liquid, and, losing its nature, is transmuted into an utterly different quality of being. And as the difference between iron that is cold and iron that is hot, so is the difference between soul and soul, between the tepid soul and the soul made incandescent by divine love. Richard of St. Victor

a little stoned

Richard of Saint Victor, (died 1173) is known today as one of the most influential religious thinkers of his time. He was a prominent mystical theologian, and was prior of the famous Augustinian Abbey of Saint Victor in Paris from 1162 until his death in 1173.

kiss me

New Sexuality


 Hi Seb, I always enjoy reading your thoughts, ideas and wisdom. I think you should write a book called something like the “New Sexuality” which every man should read! When I first came across your website I had pomised myself a session with you but alas for me you are now retired I believe. Well, hope you are enjoying great fulfillment with what you are doing now.  Keep the wisdom and ideas flowing and hopefully more and more people will become aware of them and learn how to relax and enjoy all aspects of their sexuality. I am over 50 and feel that I am only beginning but I supose its never too late!  Carl