god’s greatest medication and meditation…

Dear Mr Cox, Two years ago i discovered casual sex. Since then i just can’t get enough. Am i out of control. Am i suffering from some sort of sexual addiction. Eddie, Bolton, Uk


Mr Cox Replies : I don’t really bi into this hole idea of sexual addiction. I think, as good men we are designed for sex, that’s how we were created, it’s the fucking essence of us. Casual sex is god’s greatest gift, god’s greatest medication and meditation. For me it’s an intention to be “fucking excellent”. To be honest, i will never bi average, and i have absolutely no interest in having, or doing, what everyone else has, had or done. I am looking for and creating something that is unique as the journey is more important that the fucking destination. HaPenis Days!

porn is a profligacy, like a condom

You are amazing at times, sex has been for ever, and there are rules and rules for centuries that regulate sex…but, it is in the body and mind and tissue of the being….so, have your wank and get the best you can…everytime…porn is a profligacy, like a condom…..besides most porn persons are really ugly and … Read moreporn is a profligacy, like a condom


There is a whole new CURE PORN ADDICTION “industry” developing at the moment. It’s an industry that is telling men that they are becoming addicted to porn.

It’s an industry of frustrated therapies and therapists. They would like to make men believe that watching porn and wanking is wrong.

They would like you to feel initially just a tiny tiny little bit guilty. Then they have planted their “seed”, and they will then leave you to grow in their manure.  The fruition, of course, is that eventually, you will blossom into a fully paying member of their philosophy club. It’s always the same ritual; you sit and talk about the most amazing porn you have seen on the internet. You explain that it allow you reach orgasmic levels that you will never be able to repeat in your sex-life. You tell them in minute detail about some of your favourite scenes, you know the one’s that really get you off. And they simply sit and listen.

mature mushroom

There is a cure for addiction to internet porn. It’s very simple; spend 20 minutes every day practising your erotic performance. Don’t simply sit there and wank like a monkey. Get your favourite porn on a huge screen, put on your iPod and dance and wank.

Spin yourself as fast as you can. Spin yourself until you are so dizzy that you fall down. Breathe deeply and when you feel ready to get up and repeat the entire performance, making each even better than the last time. If you cunt-in-U to feel in any way guilty about practising your erotic performance, you need to spin in a pattern of 81 times to the right, and then 81 times to the left. You could even film your performance. Don forget to smile. Celebrate your inner slut. Celebrate your porn and wanking addiction.

Listen m8, you really are an exceptional wanker; your performances are absolutely amazing. You have the most beautifully fattening cock. Perhaps you should think about becoming your own “fucking therapist”. You know that therapist we mentioned earlier, ever wondered what they did after you have unloaded your most intimate sexual knowledge in an hour.

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Sexual Healers

Like if you see someone who is great with math, he absolutely loves it, he thinks about it all day long constantly trying to figure things out mathematically… you don’t call him an addict, you suggest he might enjoy a career in doing something with Math. Logical, right? Sex IS the same. Todd Perkins explains.

It’s just not something that your typical High School guidance counselor would recommend to you. 🙂 There are a group of people on this planet who have the role of assisting people in coming to acceptance and balance with their sexuality. If you haven’t noticed, this world is a pretty sexually unbalanced place at the moment. There is so much unhealthy guilt, shame and silence around sexuality that people are constantly being haunted by their own sexual desires. That natural aspect of themselves that is seeking _expression, is being stifled and repressed out of guilt and shame. Sexual Healers are people who have an intense focus in the area of sexuality and also have worked (and continue to work) to clear themselves of their own sexual guilt.

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They have reached a space of sexual freedom in their own lives and feel compelled to share that with others. They want nothing more than for others to find that beauty that comes from touching the space of sexual freedom. Sexual Healers are a unique breed! They some how see beyond all the societal bullshit, and see sexuality for what it is, a healthy _expression of pleasure and connection. They some how intuitively know how to assist other people in accepting their own sexuality. And they often have an element of what society calls “exhibitionism.”

They like to share their body and sexuality with other people. Sexual Healers today are on the vanguard of a movement in Sexual Healing on this planet. They are the people who feel called to change the way society feels and thinks about sexuality. For some people they do this one person at a time, with intimate contact or therapy. For other people they feel compelled to affect many people at one time. Through educational materials or sexual videos. They all have the same objective, sexual freedom. If you have taken on the mental label of being “addicted to sex”… drop it. Your seeming “addiction” is really a higher part of you that is actively seeking after personal and spiritual growth. You are here to use sexuality is a tool to heal yourself, and then assist other people. That is the path of a sexual healer. So how does that look in your life? Each person has a different draw to express themselves. Only you know what is “your thing.”

Sacred Intimates

Sunday, Feb 10, 2019, 4:30 PM

3 almighty members Attending

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How do you find it? Just ask yourself, “What is the coolest thing you could possibly think of doing?” That’s it! The next step, is to get up the courage to actually become a professional healer. How do you do it. You just start. Go after what your sexual desires are calling you to do. Your sexual desires are in fact there to guide you! Welcome to a whole new wonderful life! -Todd Perkins