the divine in you!

For years now, my sexual life has been about reconciling the joy of sex with the spiritual side of me, worshipping the divine presence I could feel, and sometimes truly Click to read more

The Rugby Coach

My name is Rob and I live in Australia, 6′ 2″, brown hair, broad chest, not flat but not fat with a soft brown fur, thick thighs and a nice Click to read more

Sacred Sexuality

Dear Seb Cox, I’m writing with a question – but first let me just say that you have what I think is a very enlightened and enlightening website. Personally, I Click to read more

mature hung 500

deep inside her

My fantasy is to watch a big masculine man fuck my wife and ask me to join in. I come home unexpectedly to find a man coming out of the Click to read more

1964 Twist Party

It’s 1964 Bill and Dick invite you to Twist Party at a Beverly Hills Mansion for Cock-Tails. Animan is the digital creator of several retro, gay fantasy animations. It usually involves Click to read more

Bi/ what you is

BI/ WHAT YOU IS, because what u is, is what makes you you

TanricK Magick London

Seb, Your website is amazing and very interesting. I have learnt a lot in just reading through the letters and correspondence. Sex is a very powerful language and if you Click to read more


This company I worked for had a break room where we ate lunch. I alway sat with a cute handsome guy and sometimes his wife would come in for lunch. Click to read more