Self-pleasuring our potential


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(From Sexual Health and Erotic Freedom by Barnaby Barratt) Self-administrated touch integrates, soothes or comforts, and gives us a psychologically fundamental sense of worthiness and competence – which is commonly called “self-esteem.” It is the antidote to shame. The “skin … Continue reading

Journey To Orgasm

journey-to-orgasmSexological Bodyworker Neal Wecker teaches somatic sex education to adults. He helps his students learn erotic self regulation. This means he helps others to manage the flow of erotic energy within their bodies and within their relationships. Erotic self regulation involves controlling levels of excitement and levels of relaxation during sexual play, allowing individuals to choose when to orgasm and when to ejaculate. In this class he shares with us his approach to erotic self regulation in three of his video-taped erotic yoga sessions: Cock Rave, Hitachi Self Pleasuring and A Phallic Reverie. Total Time: 29 minutes. Total Nudity. Are you ready for more than online sex education? Take a class at the “Harvard” of sex schools. Join tens of thousands of satisfied erotic explorers! Click here to enroll today!

Self Penis/Lingam Massage Training


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Hello Dear Beloveds, This educational training video provides demonstration and instruction for developing red tantric (sexual yoga) powers to regulate and direct orgasmic energy into the chakras while cultivating a sacred state of prayer and meditation. Penis/Lingam Massage Multi Orgasm … Continue reading