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Hi Seb, I have been checking out your website for a long time, well done mate. I am looking for a MALE MASSAGE professional who can help me deal with my Dick’s self love and an unfulfilled longing for almost … Continue reading

his kuntalini kundalini


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ᴉuᴉlɐʇunʞ kundalini – The New Rosebud Class Sunday, Sep 25, 2016, 5:30 PM 4 almighty members Attending Check out this Meetup → Men Have Clitorises, which are sometimes refered to as “their rosebuds” in tantric literature.10 Absolutely New Rosebud Massage … Continue reading

backstrokes down the shaft

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I was laying in bed with my g/friend. She was sexy and I was hard. She put baby oil on my cock,gently pulled back the forskin, and used the tips of her fingers and thumb to gently go up and down the shaft of my prick, her thumb caressing the ‘head’ and fingers gently and slowly moving upand downt he shaft. She then did just backstrokes down the shaft. I was getting so much pleasrue from it that I reached out with my hand and beagin to masturabte her as well. The pleasure that I received was so intense that it was almost painful, ( but it remained the right side of pleasure my orgasm whenit came was explosive ! Joe

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