the little lips of my anus

Last night this great masseur stroked the little lips of my anus with warm oil and then gently entered me with a finger and stroked my prostate until I began to quake and scream. He then slipped something into my ass that I later discovered dick here

psycho sexualise

So you feel comfortable with your sexuality, you’re certain of who and what, turns you on.  You might be happy being described as hetero, homo, bi, or trans sexual, there again you might prefer the often vague, but equally satisfactory, “I’m just me”.  However for dick here

Cock up the mountain…

Climbing up the path I step aside Delighted by the fragrance of roses upon the garden wall. He meets me at the gate; Gives me welcome, and a cup. I drink his wine, And lose myself in drunken loving among the roses. Asleep in two dick here