the little lips of my anus


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Last night this great masseur stroked the little lips of my anus with warm oil and then gently entered me with a finger and stroked my prostate until I began to quake and scream. He then slipped something into my … Continue reading

stimulation of the rosebud


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All men can experience a sensational orgasm by stimulation of the rosebud. An erection is required, because stimulation of the rosebud combined with cock massage will simply take you to heaven, and back. Pull your pants down and shake you arse. Warm your cheeks … Continue reading

prostate massage video

Seb, have been following your site for years. Was trying to find the video about self prostate massage area. I cant find it, damn too bad, would love to see a good prostate massage. Hell if i could get away to London you would be my first stop. Enjoy all of your site and spend way tooo much time looking and reading, always end up wanking off…sometimes more than once a session. Love your site. ..enjoy it immensely . thank you. John

Tantric Prostate Massage London

Prostate Milking Tips & Techniques


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Most men enjoy fingering their prostate while wanking. I find it takes my self pleasure to a higher level, I seem to esc ape into another world as I feel a deep sense of warmth emanating from my prostate and … Continue reading

best aneros prostate massager for beginners

Buy the Aneros SGX Classic Prostate Massager

aneros penetration london

Easy to use and with an insertion length of 3.5″ – that’s half an inch shorter than most other prostate massagers, it might be smaller but you get sensations just as big! With a balanced head and a stem with ridges, the SGX is medically researched to reward your body with experiences not felt before! Perfect for beginners and great for your prostate health!

Buy the Aneros SGX Classic Prostate Massager

Buy the Aneros SGX Classic Prostate Massager

a nice rare longhorn beef steak


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Howdy y’all, I am a 59 y/o bi man, and I do get a regular prostate massage whenever i can find a partner with a nice hard one, and after the massage I always like to drink a pure protine … Continue reading

Pantra Prostate Massage


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Unlike anyone else offering prostate massage in London, I have more than 20 years experience. Email  I am also the designer of several hands free prostate massager. Due to a rugby injury from my youth, I have a mallet finger … Continue reading

massaging the prostate


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Dear Seb, I have been reading all about your massaging the prostate and feel I must write you and explain what happened to me I went to the doctor as I was feeling lethargic and tired at times during the … Continue reading

pleasure gem


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Hello Harry Shishna, Love you site. New to prostate playing but do it as much as possible when alone. Wife not at all interested. Anon Hello Mr An(0)n, I think i have said it else where on my website that I consider … Continue reading

the male g-spot


Many years ago, long before your average Johnny even knew he possessed a prostate, I was busy lifting the veil of secrecy surrounding the male g-spot. Once again, several years on, I find myself attempting to enlighten the public about the pleasurable possibilities this small walnut-shaped gland, located just below the bladder, offers its owner. In my first piece on the subject on, written in 2001, “the Prostate your best mate” I was writing with a slight handicap. In other words, apart from the good old Bailey Ejaculator (used on randy livestock for mating purposes), the only way to massage your prostate was the adept use of someone else’s fingers, DIY was only for the supplest amongst us. Efforts to devise an easier method for male milking (a.k.a prostate massage), other than ramming someone’s fingers up your arse, were only partially effective. It would take an individual with great knowledge and experience of prostate massage to come up with a device which would fulfil the requirements of a truly effective anal toy. In those early pioneering days the pleasures of the prostate were largely unknown, but thanks to Seb Cox, the east London sex facilitator and educationalist, a revolutionary new method of prostate massage was eventually developed. For many male milking was just another fad, a new and novel way of squeezing the juice out of the customer. But with success comes imitation and inevitably it wasn’t long before many less able practitioners were copying Cox, with every Tom, Dick and Helen offering “prostate possibilities” to an innocent public.

arse manWhere once the prostate was a sexual backwater rarely visited or even acknowledged by its owner, today the straightest of heterosexual men are clamouring to have their prostate experience some of that Cox sex magic. As always Cox has managed to stay ahead of the competition by offering his clients what they really want and need. With an eye to making prostate massage even more enjoyable, a great deal of in-depth research has been conducted by Cox over the last few years. After some experimentation he has finally come up with the ultimate aid for male milking, a prostate massager that actually does what it claims to do, and it’s called the Pantra. On the Pantra the piece of plastic which is designed to rub against the perineum ends in a small ball, the effect is increased pleasurable feelings around the perineum when you contract your arsehole. The other result of tightening your arsehole is you force the Pantra deep up into your arse, where it pushes against the prostate and so forces the seminal fluid stored in the prostate to be released out of your cock, (one sixth of seminal fluid is stored in the prostate; regular release of this fluid may help reduce the risk of inflammation of the prostate, benign prostatic hyperplasia, a condition which affects a large percentage of middle-aged men at some point or another). As you ejaculate using the Pantra you also experience an intense orgasmic feeling deep inside your arse and emanating from your prostate. Anyone who has experienced “an anal orgasm” will know that ejaculation is accompanied by an orgasmic feeling more intense than any regular orgasm and an orgasm which leaves many on an emotional “high”. You may not always ejaculate each time you achieve an anal orgasm, but ejaculation and orgasm are not the same thing and do not necessarily go together, but if they do then hold on to your hat. If you’ve never shot a load using other anal toys then be prepared to pant like a good ‘un, those juices will flow as you sit on the Pantra. The next time you want to cum and cum you have a choice, either you can opt for a regular anal toy, and leave yourself sore and unfulfilled or choose the Pantra and give that hole a good fucking. Thanks to Seb Cox and his Pantra the rules have now changed, indeed I’d go as far as to say that the Pantra is the benchmark by which all other male g-spot massagers will be judged. If it ain’t a Pantra, it ain’t worth diddly squat.


Cox certainly didn’t design the Pantra for anal novices! If you’ve only ever had the experience of having something exiting your arsehole then you shouldn’t try using the Pantra; entering a tight virgin hole will only end in tears. The Pantra is definitely an adult boy’s toy for adult boys with some experience of arse work. However, saying that if you’ve ever tried to pleasure your prostate you’ll definitely want to try the Pantra. When I first saw the prototype, I was visibly impressed, but when I actually tried the Pantra I was in seventh heaven. Where other techniques and aids for prostate massage fall way short of the mark, the Pantra goes beyond that mark, and then some more. The Pantra allows those who have always remained stubbornly dry during a prostate massage, the real possibility of experiencing wet and exquisite prostate pleasures. Four out five times when I have used the Pantra I’ve ejaculated as the device entered. This is something to shout about; I never ejaculated once while inserting other types of anal “toy” up my butt. It takes a lot more to make me cum than just sliding up and down on a piece of rubber cock. For a start traditional anal toys are often cock-shaped, a shape which is not really the most practical for locating and pleasuring the prostate. Whereas, the Pantra is unmistakeably designed to locate and bang that prostate till it screams, a sex toy designed with one purpose in mind, to screw the arse of you.

arse muscular arseYour doctor might suggest using antibiotics to relieve the problems associated with Prostatitis or as my doctor believed, repeated masturbation. However, prostate massage or prostate drainage, sometimes in conjunction with the use of antibiotics, is a more enjoyable method of treatment than simply popping pills and less strenuous than excessive masturbation. More common than it is today, prostate massage is once again becoming an accepted form of beneficial treatment for this crippling ailment. In fact, there are several web sites dedicated to spreading information about the prostate and its healthy maintenance. Many focus on the medical side of things, whereas some offer a less clinical approach to prostate health.

be my first

One such site is that of Seb, a sexual facilitator based in London, UK. His site is an informative and entertaining site, perfect for those wishing to know more about prostate massage and its benefits, but who might not necessarily suffer with any prostate condition. However, for those wishing to learn more about the maintenance of prostate health or who feel they might be suffering from some form of prostate problem there is a list of useful links below. Today we are increasingly aware of personal health, we are constantly reminded that our bodies are but temporary vessels, their continuance, like that of a motor vehicle, dependent upon our treatment of its overall condition. If you hope to avoid the problems associated with the prostate then it might be worth looking inside the trunk and seeing if that often ignored spare wheel is in need of some deflation. It could save you much future pain and discomfort; it might even provide you with a feeling of total gratification, cheers, Dillon


11 Prostate Massages

The Spoons Prostate Massages: lay the man lay on his side. You can also lay on your side behind him, so you can cuddle him with one hand while you massage his magnificence with your other. With this position you are closer to your partner so you can judge their reaction to what you are doing.


Missionary prostate massages the man receiving lays on his back wtih his legs spread as wide as possiblehile you approach from on top. Lift up the calves, exposing his gorgeous arse. This can be an especially intimate position, with both partners facing each other. This way you can masturbate the man and is a great position for cuddling as well.


‘Doggie style Prostate Massages’ is a great massage for beginners to anal massage, allowing the deepest penetration and permits the man to better open his arse for massage.


Flying Doggie. A variation of the popular doggie style position in which the masseur stands behind the man (instead of kneeling) and places their feet outside the legs of the man. The receiver will keep his legs closer together. Take care to start slowly, as the different angle of approach will stimulate different areas of his tight arsehole.


Wheel Barrow, the masseur approaches the man from behind, similar to doggie style, but lifts the receiver’s legs into the air. The receiver must support themselves with their arms only or lay flat on a bed or chair. The masseur holds the receiver’s legs on either side, as though lifting a wheel barrel. But be careful, this position gives the masseur an incredible amount of power to go deep!


Full front has the man lie on his back, drawing his knees up to his chest. You can place a pillow under his lower back to raise him even higher.


Bending over stand up, facing the same way, and the man bends over at the waist, using a wall, table, or other support. This can also be done on the knees, rather than the feet, at the edge of the bed. When both partners are not of the same height at the waist, some adjustment will have to be made. This position is convenient to use outdoors. It allows easy penetration and full movement if there is something solid around to hang onto.


Stomach position has the man lie flat on his stomach. Anal Massage using this method is not as easy and you are not able to massage as deeply.


Above Prostate Massages have both partners roll over on their sides, still facing the same way, with one leg drawn up. This position allows bodily relaxation plus free hands to explore and caress. prostate Massage is easy and fairly deep with this position. Movement is somewhat limited, though vigorous massage is still easy once you get used to the posture.


Straddle prostate allows the man to control the speed and depth of the massage. Have the man lay flat on his back on the bed, then straddles him and slides his arse back. Prostate Massage is easy in this position and entry can be deep. The man should slowly lower himself down, as too quick a drop can be deeply penetrating.


Anal Kama Sutra position, the masseur should be flat on his back, with the man on top facing the feet of the masseur. The man should lean as far toward the feet as possible, and then commence penetration. This angle tends to maximize anal pleasure while delaying orgasm.

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