Prostate Awareness Checklist


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Recently I noticed I stopped shooting cum like I used to. My orgasms also seemed lacking. After doing a little research and talking to a few buddies I decided to do a prostate massage. I got a vibrating prostate massager … Continue reading

Prostate Milking Tips & Techniques


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Most men enjoy fingering their prostate while wanking. I find it takes my self pleasure to a higher level, I seem to esc ape into another world as I feel a deep sense of warmth emanating from my prostate and … Continue reading

improve your prostatic health


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The best thing any man can do to improve his prostatic health is to ejaculate while riding a condomed fat cock at least once a week. Butt, don’t lie there still as your being pleasured.  Get up of your magnificent arse and dance. THE … Continue reading

prostatic health


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The best way to keep your prostate healthy is to have regular strong orgasms, getting regular sexercise, managing stress levels, taking stretch and activity (and breathing) breaks from long periods of sitting and computer work, eating a low fat, higher-fibre, … Continue reading

An Advanced Guide Nexus Prostate Massager


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EXPECTED RESULTS from An Advanced Guide – Nexus Prostate Massager: more relaxed breathing, more relaxed ribs, longer neck, more erect  cock, a healthier prostate. A tantric sense of ejaculation and calmness. STARTING POSITION: lying on your back, knees up & together PREPARATION: When you … Continue reading

Pantra Prostate Massage


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Unlike anyone else offering prostate massage in London, I have more than 20 years experience. Email  I am also the designer of several hands free prostate massager. Due to a rugby injury from my youth, I have a mallet finger … Continue reading

massaging the prostate


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Dear Seb, I have been reading all about your massaging the prostate and feel I must write you and explain what happened to me I went to the doctor as I was feeling lethargic and tired at times during the … Continue reading

pleasure gem


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Hello Harry Shishna, Love you site. New to prostate playing but do it as much as possible when alone. Wife not at all interested. Anon Hello Mr An(0)n, I think i have said it else where on my website that I consider … Continue reading

How to Massage Your Husbands Prostate


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Every man should know exactly what his prostate feels like and he should check it at least twice a week. Make sure you have very short nails if you are going to use your fingers as well. The most important thing is … Continue reading

anatomy of the Prostate

Thou and I

I learned as a young man in school the anatomy of the Prostate Gland  and that, among other  functions, it produces  a thin, milky, alkaline fluid that is secreted into the urethra at the time of orgasm and ejaculation (emission of semen), providing an added medium for the life and motility of sperm. It is probable that prostatic fluid enhances fertility since the sperm cells and fluid  flowing from the testes and seminal vesicles is acidic and sperm cells are not optimally mobile unless their medium is relatively alkaline. I did NOT learn that this walnut-sized gland can with stimulation provide orgasmic pleasure with either inejaculation or  ejaculation Even as a younster I knew  about corn holing  but thought it gross and never tried it either way. While in college I began an affair with a professor who was about 10 years older. After about a year of mostly oral sex, we decided to see what anal sex was all about. We were careful to be gentle, to massage the area, use lots of lubrication, etc.

arse in publicNeither of us experienced any pain  — just mild discomfort, pressure ,and a feeling of fullness.  Over a period of weeks we tried various positions and different lubricants. Orgasms yes, but nothing to write home about. We both felt that the orgasms we had from anal fucking were less intense.  Soon we decided that oral and manual sex were where it was at for us, and stopped further experimentation.  The one think that came out of all this was: we both learned that our anal areas were very sensitive and this led to fingering and later rimming, which added to our mutual pleasure. When I received my bachelor’s degree I enrolled in a graduate program at another university and this affair dwindled and eventually came to an end. But anal stimulation and pleasure has been very important to me since that awakening. Inserting a finger (I had never inserted anything else) was pleasurable and stroking the prostate while stroking my cock seemed to be the best of both worlds. Having an orgasm while stroking my prostate intensified my orgasms and they seemed to last much longer. The rhythmic squeezing of my finger by my  sphincter muscles  was an added thrill. It was during one of these sessions that I had my first prostatic orgasm from just stroking my prostate. It was completely different from an orgasm resulting from stroking my cock. Then several years ago I learned about the Pantra and purchased one. At first it was uncomfortable, but, with patience I learned to relax with that much bulk inside me and manipulate the Pantra by the external knob.  I never really got the hang of this. Then one day I decided to insert the Pantra, and sit on it. In so doing I could rock back and forth with the Pantra massaging me both internally and externally. It was a revelation. I learned to vary the rhythm of my rocking and found it a new way to edge. I am a tantric enthusiast and now incorporate the Pantra in my manipulations.  With the Pantra I achieve a state of hovering in an orgasmic state. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of my Pantra sessions as these have been solo sessions, and how can one manipulate a camera at the same time? I like long sessions of solo sex rocking on my Pantra, stroking my cock and fondling my balls and the rest of me. To date, I have never had a mutual tantric or other encounters with both of us riding our Pantras. Someday?  Paul

find the prostate

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hi, i too have experienced a similar thing. i was lying on the bed with my partner and he lubed his finger up and inserted into my arse.  he continued doing this for approx 20 mins and i was loving every min of it.  after some time we think he found my prostate.  it was such a nice feeling that he worked his finger harder and harder, turning his finger around inside of me.  after about a further 10 mins i had a sort of orgasm,  it was a great feeling, not like a normal orgasm after wanking off but when i came my juice sort of oozed out of me.  we have tried to do the same thing again, i have even tried to do it myself.  if i am lying on my back and insert a finger in my ass which is the best way to find the prostate. hope you can help. thanks, mike

male sacred spot

Mr Cox Replies : Get him to lie on his back.  Kneel between his legs. Turn your hand so your palm is facing the ceiling. Using a very well lubed finger slide it in sensually about 2 inches inside his manhole, gently pull your finger back and forward as if you were beckoning to yourself. The little ridge you feel is his prostate. Use your other hand to massage the area between his balls and arsehole. By doing this you will be able to feel the prostate internally and externally.self_sex_68a



 Every time you should ejacul-8, making each better than the last one. Drink buckets of water and spend some time alternating between pissing and wanking. When you are having a piss make sure you stand back around 3 feet from the bowl. practise really squirting it out. Most importantly always remember men who Ejacul-8 more when they are younger, have less prostate problems when they are older. That is a scientific fact. There are six types of male Ejacul-8. The types depended on how strong your Ejacul-8 are. Like a “1″ would be just a few tiny dribbles. On the other hand a “6″ would be where you loose complete control over your body, violent shaking and spunk seriously blasting out of your cock and deep spiritual moaning. The art of male ejaculations is considered to be of immense spiritual importance on the Tantric(K) path and is much more than simply a pleasurable experience – discover the hidden reasons for the emphasis the Tantric(K) practices place on this experience and some of the countless ways with which the state of ejaculation can be induced and why eating your own semen is of hugely importance significance. The best thing any man can do to improve his prostatic health is to have a really good ejaculation every day. In any week he should have 8. The best thing any man can do to improve his prostatic health is to have a really good wank. But dont sit at your computer wanking like a wally. Get up of your magnificent arse and dance. THE PURPOSE OF THE PROSTATE IS ejaculation. Research carried out by Professor Graham Giles, of the Cancer Council Victoria in Melbourne, Australia shows that men could reduce their risk of developing prostate cancer through regular masturbation, and ejaculation. If your concerned about mineral deficiencies after ejaculation the best way to replace these is to eat your own semen.
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