Harfaggerson Haakon 1001


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“Every morning, wake up with the sun, and even if you see it fill with joy and radiance of power. Come out, the snow and light a fire to be your source of heat such as the sun and shine. … Continue reading

Girth Not Length


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It’s a fact that the average sized penis is approximately 6.5”- 7.0” long, so why do men pander after owning a whopper, isn’t a Mini just as smart, if not smarter than an Cadilac? If you ask most men does … Continue reading

is it safe to use a cock pump?


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HI Seb, I just bought cock pump and just arrived yesterday. I bought the one for the beginner, my questions are: – is it safe to use cock pump? – will it damage the tissue and the blood vessel on … Continue reading

hung, married, str8


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I am a married straight male, who has never been with a man, but lately all I can think about is cock and cum. My favorite fantasy: Its my birthday the wife and I are out of town and staying … Continue reading

Penis Art Performance

Brent Ray Fraser Penis Paints Princess Diana & The Queen

Brent Ray Fraser Penis Paints Princess Diana & The Queen

A Canadian Performance Artist has created a huge performance painting of Queen Elizabeth and Lady Diana which he completed with his flaccid Penis. Brent Ray Frazer, a classically trained artist, is inspired by UK artist Damian Hirst. More of his Art Performance can be seen on his website brentrayfraser.com

my penis massaged


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I like my penis massaged: by a group, by a couple or individual, in public so others see my pleasure.  Slowly and teasing with lots of edging, ball massage too. Light strokes, alternating rhythm, just under the head. Slowly and around … Continue reading


Most men have at least three spots between their legs that feel very good

1. The “vspot” – its the spot on the underside of the mans penis, right along the urethra, where the shaft meets the head (there’s a little groove above it). This can be very sensitive when a guy gets hard… when he comes, the whole path up the urethra feels very good, licking your tongue hard up and down this little spot along the urethra can be very pleasurable

sexy socks cock

2. The underside of the shaft where it meets the scrotum. This is the beginning path where his cum travels thru the shaft, and so it can be very sensitive. The scrotum tightens up when he’s turned on, actually grabbing his scrotum in your hand and lightly but firmly holding it and squeezing it can drive him wild… as will licking or stimulating the spot where the scrotum meets his shaft, underneath.


3. A spot that drives me crazy and I bet is also good for most men is underneath the scrotum, between it and the anus. Have you ever heard of the artery that feeds the penis, the one that viagra increases in size? This is underneath the scrotum, between it and the anus… licking that can be almost ticklish, but very warm and exciting.


NOBODY’S trophy

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Size is in the eye of the beholder, and as long as yours works, you have no need to not be proud of it. Each phallus is unique. Not one is identical to another. Know yours in detail, appreciate it, understand what it can do for you, and love it. It is yours. You can keep it to yourself or share it. Explore it, discover what it can do for you as it can provide you with more pleasure than anything else. Know your own phallus and what it can do for you, and you will envy no other. You can appreciate others for what the phallus does for you flaccid or tumescent — regardless of their length or whether cut or not. Never be judgmental about yours nor another’s. Paul



Manually Stimulated

the builder was wanking his huge cock

Chi Kung is an ancient Taoist art of body control Claiming to resist disease, retard aging, prolong virility, and for all I know give oneself X-ray vision. Practitioners begin their sessions with an hour-long warm-up to stimulate the senses through breathing routines and stretches. After the blood has been stimulated, the men retreat to a small room and dress down to nothing but a T-shirt and a blue cloth wrapped around their genitals, as nudity is strictly taboo.


After their penis has been manually stimulated, barbells are then hooked onto a coat-hanger-like apparatus, which is tied securely around the base with a scarf. Students then commence the workout, which consists of several swinging and lifting motions designed to really work the muscles. Beginners start out with two and-a-half pounds, and some have eventually progressed to lifting truly amazing weights. In 1995 a Hong Kong master named Mo Ka Wang, lifted over 250 lbs. two feet off the floor.


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