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As a man as soon as I orgam I just want to chill-out. I love that space, I often think it must be like heaven, as I slowly loose my erection. Maybe after a half an hour or so I’m … Continue reading

my closed fist


I use astroglide and slide the head in and out of my closed fist. I start and stop to keep from cumming. I do this while looking at internet porn. This will usually last for up to 24 hours or more. When I do cum it is more intense than any sex I’ve ever had. Allot of cum. I can cum multiple times. Usually 3 in a row. assholeglide


Mantak Chia’s book


Hi Seb, Regarding multiple orgasms, I haven’t yet experienced them but I’d like to think that this is going to change very soon. As you may remember, I’m interested in this subject and I am doing the exercise you recommended. And it’s working. A lot. My orgasms are much deeper and stronger now. And the more I practice, the stronger they become. I read Mantak Chia’s book, and I bought his dvds. The exercises there are difficult to understand and to practice. Having read the book many times, and seen the dvds many times, I still don’t know how to perform the exercises properly. Any workshop, or class, or whatever, that you give in this subject I’ll attend. At the moment, all I can say is that my orgasm is stronger, but I haven’t yet had a full body orgasm. All the best, F

 multi orgasmic

Hello F, Good to hear from you and glad your making some progress. Have you tried using some sort of prostate vibrator, it might help trigger the full body orgasm. I have to be honest I’m not a big fan of Matak Chia’s Philosophies, as that’s what his writings are. There is no research, merely his ideas. I MUCH PREFER AN EARLIER BOOK Hartman & Fithian (Any Man Can; 1984)


“we determined that most multi-orgasmic men do not have what might be termed a ‘full ejaculation’ until they have experienced a number of sexual peaks. The multi-orgasmic men we have studied have chosen to develop that capacity (stopping ejaculation using learned techniques). The behavior itself (interrupting orgasm via such techniques) appears to be at least four thousand years old.” – Hartman & Fithian (Any Man Can; 1984)


multi orgasmic ejaculatory man


I have been multi orgasmic ejaculatory most of my life. I will generally have a few… to 4 or 5 orgasms… crashing waves where my body goes through an almost rhythmic convulsion that will build until I ejaculate. The crashing continues and I sometimes lose or dont lose my erection, but usually can ejaculate 4 or 5 times as well. The best is when the two coincide and believe it or not… when i am flaccid is the most intense, causing sometimes… and spontaneous erection after the gun goes off so to speak… the ejaculate diminshes in volume over time… and the process can take as little as a few minutes to several hours… depending upon mood, health and level of arousal. The most this has ever happened is 13 times in one day… I have not read any books or articles on the subject.

kilt erection

When I was very young, I was often multi-orgasmic but only while masturbating, never with another person.I was stimulate myself till the point of ejaculating, then stop…a drop of cum would come out. then I would stimulate myself, and another drop. I could do this for an hour or more and have all these mini-orgasms. Then, I would wait about an hour and then really stimulate myself and then have a very full, incredibly powerful almost overwhelming orgasm. Other times, I would draw my foreskin over the end of my cock and gently stimulate my cock through the foreskin…I could do that for hours it seemed. Then, I would peel the foreskin, really give it a stimulation and then, as the cum was coming out, cover the end of my cock with my foreskin real tight and enjoy the warm, wet feeling on the end of my cock.Never could that any of that with another person…and when I hit about 40, all the multi-orgasmic possibilities stopped entirely. SONY_P