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Hello Seb, I was brought up a catholic and i think that is where i get a lot of my “spiritual” beliefs from. Unlike many i love the “catholic” spirit but as i got older an more significantly as i … Continue reading

Lingam Worship Male Massage Revolution


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Brotherhood of Pleasure London, GB 1,872 almighty members This “Brotherhood” is a safe space for all good men promoting excellence in masculine touch and male massage. We encourage you to awaken the warrior within, the creative energ… Check out this Meetup Group … Continue reading

forbidden male pleasure

arse black

Open your arse, and your body, mind, and spirit will follow. Sugar and spice and everything nice this is the rosebud class, get out of your head, and into your anus

after the storm

Begin a journey into often forbidden male pleasure, recharge your sexual energy with easy to learn anal breathing techniques. Every breathe brings a new blast of deep masculine sensations. external anal massage also available as a class with other men. To register for the next class, click here. Coaching in Anal Orgasm is about discovering the erotic potential of your arsehole. Learn to enjoy your BEAUTY. You do not have to be gay to experience and enjoy an external anal massage. You cannot be masculine and tight-arsed as men’s strength comes from their arse. Relax your arse, and your mind, body, and spirit will follow. Discover the deepest relaxation of your life with Reiki-style external anal massage and Meditation. Relax your arse and your mind, body and spirit will follow. Like all muscles, your rosebud muscles enjoys loving kindness male massages. At the beginning of this ritual, we will practice a very easy to learn anal breathing meditation. Then Mr. Cox will demonstrate the basic strokes of Rosebud Massage. Each stroke and each breath allows you a different sensation. Each wakes up different tissues and stimulates different nerve endings. There will be an opportunity to practice with a partner, so every man can enjoy these incredible sensations of pleasure. Private location in Central London.


Touch is never random or rotational. You always get to choose.

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ᴉuᴉlɐʇunʞ kundalini – The New Rosebud Class

Sunday, Sep 25, 2016, 5:30 PM

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Darkness is your candle


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HI Seb, I have not heard of Rumi before but what he writes is very enlightening and further supports my beliefs that where men submit to men they are able to grow and develop in physical and spiritual strength (masculinity). … Continue reading

Men in Stockings & Panties


The worst is when men try too hard, because it’s not very masculine. Your outfit has to look like ‘Oh, I just grabbed that.’ Not too calculated. The simpler the better. Eva Green

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his bulging belly…

magnificent cock

Recently, last week as a matter of fact I was at a long time friends house. He and I had never been sexually involved, both of us are about 75 and unmarried and we discuss almost everything but sex had not come up and I had the impression that he was pretty uptight about it. Anyway we had just taken a walk and Walt said he was going to take a shower which he did and when he came out he was a bit careless with his robe and I glimpsed an absolutely magnificent cock hanging below his bulging belly. I was impressed and I flatly stared at it and I knew I wanted it. I figured quickly ‘nothing ventured nothing gained’. I saw “man that a beautiful cock you’ve got there Walt … that looks good enough to eat” He just looked at me but didn’t close his robe either, he just asked “want a martini Loring?” I said yes and he went to the task of making them and as he stood doing this I walked up behind him and pressed my luck. I lifted his robe and fondled his big fat ass and he said was “what the hell are you up?” I responded by reaching around him taking that 8 inch hanger in my right hand and gently flopping it up and down and he said “I’ve wondered for a long time what it would be like for another man to fondle me”. He stopped making the martinis and I was surprised when he slid my sweatpants down where he got a surprise .. a cock bigger than his own. There wasn’t anymore talk and I lead him to his bedroom and I took his cock and skinned it back, he was uncut, I licked the head and his balls and the space between his balls and his ass hole and that got a super twitch and then started getting his cock down my throat. He watched me as I sucked it up and down and made it disappear again and again and then he squirted inside of me. We went and he finished making the martini and as we sipped them I asked him if he had any lubricant, vaseline for example. He asked why I needed that and I whispered to him “Walt … I want your big cock in my asshole“. We got that done too. Loringold-cock-78

the whore who rides the beast

mature-naked-huge-dick-45Many rabbi have written of the stories of Lilith, some are literal some are metaphors but they all establish Lilith as fornication on the earth. what i am about to write is my own personal interpretation of her, as i have come to know her through invocation meditation visualization, and dreams (although not as a succubus). Lilith came to me when i was thirteen, and over the years i came to know Lilith as a dark feminine sexual dominant symbol of power, all these where things i connected with on an a very personal level, all part of me that i felt unable to express and embody as a man, things change. at seventeen i performed the invocation of Lilith and it changed me forever i let fill me from the inside out spilling out of me and onto my men. i took to sacred whoredom worshiping Lilith with my body by using sexual ecstasy and bliss to make tangible the spirit and power of Lilith (ill go into sacred whoredom later.). so let me begin on the story of Lilith and Adam. it is said at a time long ago Lilith and Adam had been a whole being of androgyny. within this being was whole the negative dark shadow (Lilith), and the positive light sun (Adam). but so mankind could be Lilith and Adam were separated and as in seeking one another to unite (this is love the pursuit to unite and unity of one to another to be whole) Adam insisted on dominating her and Lilith fled. Adam was then made the subordinate eve to fulfill the act of love and mankind follows. Lilith in seeking pursuit to unite to be whole suited to Sammael, who is as Lilith is the shadow to Adam, Sammael is as the shadow to god. oh bless the perfect match. Sammael is will and desire, for he expressed and embodied a will and desire other than gods (in fact Sammael means the poison of god). he is untamed dark masculine principality-the beast.

mature-naked-huge-dick-12In Lilith and Sammaels union by Liliths pursuit as an act of love the power of Sammael fills her and they become Babylon and the beast, love and desire (will) synonymous to one another. and so in her all his power is given and this is Lilith or Babylon: fornication, to allow oneself to experience existence as pure sensation of pleasure and desire in the events of existence. Lilith the woman of harloty. this is the Babylon known to the Thelma. the sons and daughters of Babylon are the harlots and abominations of the earth, who are the likeness of her and him. of coarse these harlots are sons and daughters of Lilith act as the sacred whore who are incarnations of her, and in this sense one but many who come as flesh among man and emdody Babylon, who the kings of the earth have committed fornication. and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with wine of her fornication. and this means? this the power that in Babylon is given by the beast, in fornication lilith makes tangible this power to those who accept her and him, love and desire(will) and the ecstasy and bliss of this in intoxicating. the force of wickedness as dearth and desolation in a flaming white fire is the same love and desire when it is denied. as have the rabbi who wrote if Lilith, who inevitable deny lilith, and so to them she is wicked along with her lover Sammael. remember this is only my interpretation of lilith and sammael. i do not claim it to be truth to anyone but me. however if this connects with you id be pleased to know. kiss the sky. x sariel