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During a rugby game in Sydney, Australian rugby player Korbin Sims made headlines for grabbing another player’s penis! In a viral video of the rugby tugby, Sims, who plays for the Newcastle Knights, casually walks up to Manly player Willie … Continue reading

consecrate our Friendship?

based on the chapter “Wednesday” in A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers by Thoreau

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As surely as the sunset in my latest November

shall translate me to the unreal world,

and remind me of the ruddy morning of youth;

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as surely as the last strain of music which falls on my decaying ear

shall make age to be forgotten,

or, in short, the manifold influences of nature

survive during the term of our natural life,

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so surely my cock shall forever be my friend,

and reflect a ray of God to me,

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and time shall foster and adorn and consecrate our Friendship,

no less than the ruins of temples.

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When the soul is plunged in the fire of divine love, like iron, it first loses its blackness, and then growing to white heat it becomes like unto the fire itself. And lastly, it grows liquid, and, losing its nature, is transmuted into an utterly different quality of being. And as the difference between iron that is cold and iron that is hot, so is the difference between soul and soul, between the tepid soul and the soul made incandescent by divine love. Richard of St. Victor

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Richard of Saint Victor, (died 1173) is known today as one of the most influential religious thinkers of his time. He was a prominent mystical theologian, and was prior of the famous Augustinian Abbey of Saint Victor in Paris from 1162 until his death in 1173.

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